Treorchy Male Choir’s Rehearsal Room at the school in Glyncoli Road, Treorchy, has welcomed thousands of visitors from practically every country in the world. With the exception of the final rehearsal before a National Eisteddfod Competition, when the doors were closed to visitors, the Choir has always ensured the warmest of welcomes to admirers of the organisation.

In fact the Wales Tourist Board has traditionally advertised the Choir’s rehearsal evenings to its many overseas visitors, advising them to venture to the Upper Rhondda and hear the Treorchy men “live”. This is one of the reasons why so many delegations of foreign dignitaries have often paid a visit to Glyncoli Road.

While visitors allow the sweet music to wash over them on the rehearsal room, they are asked to complete the Visitor’s Guestbook. So did you ever visit the rehearsal room and sign their book, or did one of your relatives? Here you can view many of the entries in the five Visitor's Guestbooks that began in 1949.


Guestbook 1949-1969
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Guestbook 1990-2009
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Guestbook 1970-1989
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Guestbook 2010-
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