Treorchy Male Choir has amassed a tremendous amount of gifts from various organisations over the years. These range from trophies and shields to cups, banners, ties, paintings, certificates and sculptures.

Cliburn Willis, Cliff Taylor, John Haydn Davies & John Cynan JonesCliburn Willis, Cliff Taylor, John Haydn Davies & John Cynan JonesThe Choir has an over-full trophy cabinet which is kept at its rehearsal room in Glyncoli Road, Treorchy. The cabinet is filled with items dating back over forty years which have been received by the Choir from organisations all over the world. One of the most interesting objects in that collection is a Silver Disc presented to the Choir for its award-winning album, “Christmas From The Land Of Song”. There is also the actual flag flown over the US Capitol to commemorate the Choir’s visit to Washington D.C. in 1991.

Other special objects include the Key to the City of Cupertino, a large carved wooden beaver from Canada and very many trophies from their overseas tours to Australia. A large number of the items are actually from various military establishments who have hosted the Choir over the years. The Sergeant’s Mess at Pirbright, Sandhurst and also at RAF Lyneham have warmly welcomed the choristers following concert performances or for special fundraising events. This association has led to many gifts being presented to the Choir which are greatly treasured by its members.

As a registered charity, the Choir also receives many gifts from the organisations who have benefited from their performances.

Chairman Robert Griffiths following the Tour of CanadaChairman Robert Griffiths following the Tour of CanadaThis collection is undoubtedly the largest in the Choir’s Archives where so many items are stored due to shortage of room in the actual trophy cabinet.

The Cabinet itself was unveiled in 1981 during a special ceremony held in the rehearsal room.

It was dedicated to the memory of the late Choir Secretary W.J. “Donna” Griffiths, Treasurer Gwynne Williams JP and Accompanist Tom Jones and was officially unveiled by Conductor Emeritus John Haydn Davies, Choir President Clifford Taylor and Conductor John Cynan Jones.

Throughout the years the Choir itself has also presented gifts to organisations as a mark of appreciation. The specially designed Choir shield now has pride of place in buildings around the globe, from churches to military academies and hospitals to schools.