Life Members

Life Membership of the Treorchy Male Choir is the highest accolade that can be presented to a chorister. Traditionally the title of Life Membership was presented to a chorister who had contributed above and beyond the call of duty to the benefit of the Choir. 

The choristers are nominated for Life Membership and this is decided upon by the four members of the Life Membership Committee. If they deem the nomination should be upheld, then it is referred to the Management Committee for decision and then brought before the full Choir for approval. 

In 1980 it was decided that all those choristers who had appeared in the Choir’s first official photograph in 1949 would receive Life Membership. In 2005 the Constitution was changed to allow choristers who had been members for 35 years to automatically receive the honour. At present both methods of receiving Life Membership of the Treorchy Male Choir are accepted. 

Find below a list of all those individuals who have received Life Membership of the Choir since the honour was first presented more than sixty years ago.