In October 1996 the Treorchy Male Choir celebrated its fiftieth anniversary since reforming following World War II. To celebrate this “golden” occasion it was decided to honour the two remaining Founder Members of the post-war Choir.

To commemorate fifty years of unbroken service, former Chairmen Haydn Erasmus and Cliburn Willis were both presented with suitable engraved gold watches as a token of appreciation.

Since that date a further ten choristers have reached this incredible milestone and their dedication over half a century has also been rewarded with the presentation of gold watches on stage at the Park and Dare Theatre during the Choir’s Annual Concert.

In 1997 four choristers reached their fiftieth anniversary and Registrar & Honorary Archivist Norman Martin, Secretary Islwyn Morgan, Ieuan Lawrence and Ben Jackson each received their awards from the Choir Chairman.

During the following year former Second Tenor Committee Member Ben Griffiths reached his anniversary but due to ill health was unable to receive his award. The Choir was deeply saddened when Ben Griffiths passed away before actually receiving his watch which was later presented to his widow and family.

In 2000 former Choir Chairman Robert Griffiths became the sixth chorister to be acknowledged for his unstinting service. Six years later


Ben Jackson, Islwyn Morgan, Ieuan Lawrence and Norman Martin
and Peter Morris was honoured, followed by William “Boyo” Watkins in 2007. In 2009 baritone Len Gale was presented with his gold watch at the Annual Concert and the following year his close friend, Reg Stephens was also honoured in the same way.

To have remained faithful servants of the Treorchy Male Choir half a century is a tremendous achievement and fellow choristers salute their distinguished service.

Haydn Erasmus, First Bass 1946-1996

Cliburn Willis, Second Tenor 1946-1996

Islwyn Morgan, First Tenor 1947-1997

Norman Martin, Second Tenor 1947-1997

Ben Jackson, First Tenor 1947-1997

Ieuan Lawrence, First Bass1947-1997

Ben Griffiths, Second Tenor 1948-1998

Robert Griffiths, Second Bass 1950-2000

Peter Morris, Second Bass 1956-2006

William Watkins, First Bass 1957-2007

Len Gale, First Bass 1959-2009


Reg Stephens, First Tenor 1960-2010


David Powell, Second Tenor 1961-2011


Bryn Jones, Second Bass, 2015



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