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Honorary Lady Members

Since its inception, the Treorchy Male Choir has been grateful for the support of many individuals outside of the organisation. In recognition of their service to the Choir, Honorary Lady Membership has been conveyed upon them. We thank all those who have helped nurture the Choir over the many years.

Louise Reynolds, 2021

Treorchy Male Choir were delighted to award Louise Reynolds with Honorary Lady Membership on her final day as Headteacher of Treorchy Primary School. Louise has been a great friend to the choir over the years and has been particularly supportive recently during the Pandemic.

Ruth Madoc, 2015

Welsh actor Ruth Madoc shot to fame in the 1980s as Gladys Pugh in BBC 1's Hi De Hi! She has since performed in all manner of programmes and films in a career stretching more than fifty years. She first appeared with the Choir in 1979 and has been an ardent fan. She has presented trophies at the Junior Musician Competition in more recent years and remains a great supporter of the Choir.

Dame Mary Perkins, 2015

Dame Mary Perkins founded the international opticians, Specsavers. It was thanks to her generous support that the Choir undertook their first visit to Guernsey in 2015.

Madelaine Sarre, 2015

The wife of Roy Sarre, Musical Director of Festiva Choir in Guernsey, Maddie worked tirelessly on the Choir's first tour of Guernsey in 2015.

Elvira Henry 2013

From 1962 to 1968, Elvira was the soprano soloist of the Treorchy Male Choir. After being "discovered" by Conductor John Haydn Davies at local oratorio and chapel concerts, she performed as a soloist in fifteen concerts throughout the country. After fifty years, she was reunited with the Choir in 2010 and remained a firm supporter.

Jeanne Grey, 2010

As the joint Managing Director of Chord Theatrical Agency, Jeanne and her husband Philip have organised concerts for the Treorchy Male Choir since 2004.

Iona Jones, 2010

Soprano soloist with Treorchy Male Choir since 2009, Iona accompanied them on their successful tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Pia di Paolo, 2009

As assistant to Andrew Kay, Pia was the driving force in organising the tours of Australia (2004) and Australia and New Zealand (2009).

Sue Gannon, 2009

As Tour Manager for Andrew Kay Associates, Sue played a leading role in the successful tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2009.

Mair Roberts, 2008

Soprano Soloist from 1977 to 1997, Mair appeared in almost 150 concerts and also performed as a soloist on the Choir’s first tour of Australia in 1986. She is the founder conductor of Cantorion Creigiau.

Judy Chivers, 2008

Along with her husband Nigel, Judy supported President Brian Bates in organising fundraising concerts for the Choir for over twenty-five years.

Val Dix, 2008

Along with her husband Adrian, Val has supported the Choir for more than twenty years by attending concerts throughout the UK.

Helen May, 2008

Mezzo-Soprano Soloist, Treorchy Male Choir since 1999. Helen also performed as a soloist on the Choir’s second tour of Australia in 1999.

Kate Woolveridge. 2008

Mezzo-Soprano Soloist, Treorchy Male Choir 2003-2013.

Fran Wheat, 2008

Along with her husband George, Fran was the driving force behind organising the Choir’s first tour of the USA in 1991.

Rhiannon Williams, 2008

Accompanist for the Treorchy Male Choir 1997-2002.

Linde Macpherson, 2008

As a member of staff of James Hardie Industries, Linde was responsible for the entire PR and marketing campaign of the Choir’s successful first tour of Australia in 1986.

Iris Williams, 2008

The international Welsh singer who rose to fame with her hit "He Was Beautiful" has been a firm supporter of the Choir for many years. She made a special visit to the UK from her New York home to perform at the Choir's Diamond Jubilee Concert in 2006. Such was the success of the evening that a return concert was organised in Treorchy two years later.

Jennifer Jones, 2008

Accompanist of the Treorchy Male Choir 1971-1988. Jennifer regularly performed as the harpist on many Choir recordings and in concert engagements. She accompanied the Choir at the piano in over 400 concerts. Jennifer is Conductor of the Ynyswen Male Choir and has returned to Treorchy as Guest Conductor from 2005 to 2007.

Jeanetta Lawrence, 2007

A supporter of the Treorchy Male Choir for more than sixty years, Jean Lawrence is the widow of former chorister Ieuan. She was the force behind saving the Park & Dare Theatre from closure and is a significant fundraiser for the Choir.

Janice Ball BEM, 2007

Accompanist 2004-2007; Deputy Conductor 2006-2007; Conductor of the Treorchy Male Choir 2007-2012. Received a British Empire Medal in 2019

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