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Celebrity Quotes

“I think the pub where the Treorchy Male Choir was born should become a place of pilgrimage. Cheers gentlemen!”

“The Treorchy Male Choir has given tremendous pleasure to millions of people all over the world, enhancing the universal image of Wales as the Land of Song. You are the best in the business!”

Michael Aspel OBE - Broadcaster

Richard Baker OBE - Broadcaster

“To me singing is a joy. Choral singing is a delight. Welsh Choral singing is more than a delight. The Treorchy Male Choir is the best in choral singing. How then can they be described except in superlatives? They are without equal.”

“Congratulations to the Treorchy Male Choir on 60 fabulous years.”

Ronnie Barker - Comedian

Dame Shirley Bassey DBE - Singer

“Your musical excellence constantly reminded me of my homeland and has been an inspiration to many a rugby touring party. Long may your music continue to inspire.”

“Although I am not a gifted musician, I can appreciate good music, and especially that produced by a really good choir – the Treorchy Male Choir is a delight, and always enjoyable, not only for its melodies and robust harmonies but also for the sheer joy of singing being self evident on the beaming faces of the choristers. Long may it resound in that particular Welshness that generates so much splendid joy and good will.”

Phil Bennett - Former Welsh Rugby International & British Lion

Michael Bentine - Comedian

“I sang with the Treorchy Male Choir in their rehearsal room while doing a documentary about Wales for the BBC. It was a wonderful, unforgettable moment and t0 experience Wales’s premier choir at close proximity was a tremendous delight. Your rendering of "The Lord’s Prayer" completely devastated me and I had great difficulty holding back the tears. Treorchy Male Choir are “nuli secundi” – second to none. They are in a class of their own and the best choir in the world.”

“I once made a recording with the Choir and I must say how brilliant they are and what a privilege it was to work with them. The tracks we recorded were actually hymns and the Choir certainly created the right heavenly atmosphere.”

Brian Blessed - Actor

Pattie Boulaye - Singer

“To hear the Treorchy Male Choir in full throat is one of the great joys of choral music. ”

“Keep making those marvellous sounds. All best wishes to you.”

Lord Melvyn Bragg of Wigton - Broadcaster

Richard Briers OBE - Actor

“Many plaudits have been showered upon the success of Treorchy Male Choir over the years and in reading them, I can only recall the immortal lines of the late Gwyn Thomas - 'The voices of men raised in full choral cry is what a stranger would take away as the clearest revelation of our talent and characters. In all this great garment of harmonious sound, no treat has been more golden than that of the Treorchy Male Choir'. I will never forget performing in a memorial concert for the late Ivor Sims which was given by Treorchy and conducted by John Haydn Davies. The choir's singing that night was simply heavenly and moved everyone to tears. There have been many occasions when such emotion has been shown when listening to this glorious choir. I feel greatly privileged to have known and participated with them in concerts over the years and take this opportunity to congratulate Treorchy Male Choir.”

“On the many occasions it has been my great pleasure to hear ‘the voice of Wales’ it has never failed to impress and entertain.”

Stuart Burrows - Opera Singer

Max Bygraves - Entertainer

“Congratulations to the Choir on the great success of bringing the beautiful voice of Wales to all parts of the world”.

“The Treorchy Male Choir is, without doubt, one of the best known Welsh cultural institutions in the world. I am delighted to congratulate them on providing the voice of a nation.”

Sir Michael Caine - Actor

Rowan Cantuar / Rowan Williams - The Archbishop of Canterbury

“I have lived in many places over the years – sung in many languages too but hearing the Treorchy Male Choir made me realise how deep my feelings are, and always will be, for our beloved Land of Song. Glorious years of hard work and glorious music! Well done! I am only half Welsh - but these sincere good wishes and congratulations come from all of me!”

“My first memory of the Choir was in a concert I attended in the Rhondda with John Haydn as conductor. I was mesmerised both by the performance and the electric atmosphere in the audience. Then as now, I cannot think of better or more qualified ambassadors for our small nation.”

Petula Clark CBE - Singer & Actress

Catrin Collier - Author

“To have existed at such a high level for so many years is an enormous tribute to the Choir and their music. My best wishes to you all. Salute!”

“I certainly treasure the memory and indeed the picture, which still hangs in my house in Scotland, of Ronnie Barker and I with the Choir when we came to Wales to shoot our Welsh choir section of the “Two Ronnies” programme. You are very close to my heart.”

Perry Como - Singer

Ronnie Corbett - Comedian

“Having been a fan of the Treorchy Male Choir for a great many of their 60 years. Thank you for the pleasure you have given to so many of us. Much love too.”

“To all the wonderful people in the Treorchy Male Choir – be assured that you have a friend in Paris.”

Dame Judi Dench DBE - Actress

Sacha Distel - Singer

“As Shakespeare said: “If Music be the food of love, listen to the Treorchy Male Choir and have a really good feast!”. Long may your magnificent music continue.”

“What a joy – just like being in heaven! The times I have listened to the songs with a lump in my throat and the times I have been to see you all perform are just pure magic. I wish you all the best for the future. God bless you all and may you perform for ever. I just wish I could sing!”

Ken Dodd OBE - Entertainer

Dai Dower - Former British and European Flyweight Champion

“We were brought up in the tradition of choral music and Treorchy Male Choir has always been right up there with the best. When I went to Millfield School I took Treorchy records with me and instructed other people to listen to them. They were my part of Wales which I had with me. Best wishes and long may it continue.”

“You are wonderful. You’ve given so much pleasure to thousands of people but none more grateful than I. ”

Gareth Edwards - Former Welsh Rugby International & British Lion

Joan Fontaine - Actress

“Treorchy Male Choir, you have given pleasure to millions. I am just one of them. Long may you continue.”

“As a Welshman that can’t sing, I never feel more proud to be Welsh than when I hear the Treorchy Male Choir – the Master Choir of them all. If I could sing I would apply for membership myself.”

The Rt Hon the Lord Michael Heseltine CH PC - Politician

Sir Anthony Hopkins - Actor

“I was recording a TV series called "My Good Woman" with Leslie Crowther and Sylvia Syms at ATV Studios and the Treorchy Male Choir were in the next studio as guests on the "Julie Andrews Show". I decided to go to the bar for a quick drink before our recording to find it crowded with Welsh voices and laughter filling the smoked air. The fellow in front of me turned and said, “You're Glyn Houston aren’t you?” I said, “Yes,” and he replied “Well you go ahead of me at the bar, you are probably in a hurry.” I said, “No, I am not too pushed for time.” When we eventually got to the bar he looked at the barman and said, “Sixteen pints of lager please.” I decided not to wait for my half! I have worked with the choir and have always enjoyed their wonderful music and friendship. Long may it last.”

“You can raise the roof and break our hearts. We are so proud of you – what an achievement. I have been there when you have sung your hearts out, and my spine has tingled. You are simply the best.”

Glyn Houston - Actor

Nerys Hughes - Actress

"My links with the Treorchy Male Choir go back to my childhood through my father and the radio programme "Aelwyd y Gan" where I first heard and got to know the traditional male voice repertoire. It was also a privilege to get to know the wonderful John Haydn Davies and a pleasure for me to have conducted the Choir over the years. I warmly congratulate the Choir particularly with so many activities to attract people away from the arts."

“The Treorchy Male Choir – the very name is a song! May I thank the Choir, past and present, for all the glorious music-making they have shared with us.”

Owain Arwel Hughes OBE - Conductor

Glenda Jackson CBE, MP - Politician / Actress

“My thanks to the Treorchy for enhancing my musical life. Well sung!”

“Congratulations to all the members of the wonderful Treorchy Male Choir past and present. In moments of grief or joy, the sound of the Choir can move and uplift and restore spirits like no other sound. Masters of their craft, each and every singer plays a vital role in helping maintain such a fantastic musical tradition. Long may the Choir prosper and continue to the delight of audiences around the world.”

David Jacobs CBE - Broadcaster

Sir David Jason OBE - Actor

"I remember performing with the Choir as an instrumentalist when I was still in school and it was wonderful to share the stage with them again more recently in Rhyl and at the opening of the Wales vs New Zealand rugby international at the Millennium Stadium. Here's wishing everyone involved in the Choir every success - I can't wait to perform with you again."

"Throughout my life, the combination of music and rugby has always played a major part. The singing from the stands during those glorious matches live long in the memory. No choir in Wales better represents our famous musical tradition than the Treorchy Male Choir and I wish them all the best from us all in the land of song."

Katherine Jenkins - Soprano

Barry John - Former Welsh Rugby International & British Lion

“Congratulations boys on everything you've achieved - it's always been an honour for me to perform with you - hope we get to do it again soon.”

“There is nothing like the sound of a Welsh Male Choir and the Treorchy is the finest. They have represented the best of the Welsh voice for generations with honour and integrity. They are international ambassadors.”

Aled Jones - Singer

Sir Tom Jones - Singer

“Male voice choir music is the soul of Wales coming alive and no choir represents that better or does it better than the Treorchy Male Choir. You have given delight and inspiration not just to our people in Wales but way beyond its borders. You allow them to feel the soul of music and long may you do that for many more years to come.”

“The Treorchy Male Choir’s version of "Myfanwy" is one of the most glorious things I’ve ever heard in all my long life. Love and congratulations to you all.”

The Rt Hon Lord Neil Kinnock PC - Politician

Joanna Lumley OBE - Actress

“The lovely voices of the Treorchy Male Choir has brought so much joy to people the world over and none more so than I. For many years than I care to remember I have admired your passion for singing and the uplifting joy you give to countless thousands. However, Treorchy is much more than just a Choir, it is of course a group of kind-hearted gentlemen who have raised so much money for very many charities. Keep up the good work and also keep those lovely voices in trim. Your voices give great pleasure to audiences and long may you continue your charitable work. I do hope it isn't too long before we meet again.”

“What ambassadors they have been for our beloved Wales. Not only my generation but subsequent generations will learn the true meaning of harmonious singing through their concerts and the many records they have made over the years, long may this continue. Wales and its culture have been so well served through their dedication and sheer hard work.”

Dame Vera Lynn DBE - Singer

Ruth Madoc - Actress

“The Choir has a very impressive history to say the least. Your long list of programmes, tours, recordings and the ability to enter the modern music field in addition to the classical repertoire make you a famous organisation. Your recording of our hits must represent your most ambitious yet. On behalf of John, Roger and myself and our late lamented Freddie, here’s wishing the Choir grand success. Good grief, these guys can sing! It must be the air in those Welsh valleys!”

“Of all the great Welsh choirs that of the Treorchy must be held up as unique. When I hear the voices of the valleys blending and exalting I am, and I am not at all ashamed to admit it, deeply moved.”

Brian May - Musician

George Melly - Singer

“There are names like Savoy Hotel, Caruso, Shangri-La, Pavlove, Mount Everest and the Treorchy Male Choir that just hang up there as peaks of excellence – perfect things that we simply take for granted as symbols of greatness. So imagine how delighted and honoured I am to join with all the other small peaks in congratulating the Choir of Choirs on its anniversary. In admiration, since I was a boy!”

“It was Stanley Williams, conductor of the Porth and District Choir to which my family belonged, who way back in 1955 said: “Treorchy Male Choir, with their great waves of sound, are a choral miracle”. As a Rhondda boy I am so proud of the Choir whose performances and fame have brought our valley the attention and respect of the whole world. My association with the Choir goes back fifty years and I felt particularly honoured when the Choir sang for me when I was presented with the big red book on "This Is Your Life". However, my favourite memory of the Choir is of when they won at the National Eisteddfod performing Schubert’s arrangement of 23rd Psalm. An adjudicator said it all. “If that’s the way they are singing it in heaven - I am ready to go”. May the young people of the Rhondda still relish the thrill of singing together in perfect harmony. Come to think of it, I would give up the caps for playing for Wales if only I had had the abilty to be the conductor of the Treorci!”

Ron Moody - Actor

Cliff Morgan CVO. OBE - Former Welsh Rugby International and British Lion

“When I think about Welsh male choirs and you start to list them, then Treorchy is right there on top. They are one of the main flag flyers internationally.”

“Their work is well known and brings honour not only to themselves and Treorchy but to their country.”

Roy Noble OBE - BBC Broadcaster

Dennis O’Neill - Tenor

“I was brought up on choirs and brass bands. They formed the music of my childhood. When I heard the Treorchy Male Choir at the Royal Variety Performance it brought back such happy memories. You have your own eminent place in the history of British music. You stand for excellence in a great tradition and your work for charity is both an example and an inspiration.”

“To the Treorchy Male Choir…and I thought I was doing well with a 50th anniversary coming up! Many congratulations on your 60th and here’s to many more decades of musical pleasure from the choir.”

Michael Parkinson CBE - Broadcaster

Sir Cliff Richard OBE - Singer

“To the Treorchy Male Choir, many congratulations! My Treforest-born and bred mother, grandparents, aunts and uncles are singing along with you.”

“One of the most pleasant memories in my life was making a record with the Treorchy. They are a great bunch of lads and I’m proud to be associated with them. Wonderful!”

Alan Rickman - Actor

Sir Harry Secombe - Entertainer

“My Thoughts On Hearing the Treorchy Male Choir –

Over the valleys, over the dales,
Come sounds remembered of my country Wales.
Children’s cries as they play
Lilting voices greeting the day,
But wherever I am and
I hear this choir singing,
It lifts my heart
For my spirit is springing
Once more home to my beginning.”

I’ve been abroad for a while and suddenly on the radio comes “Myfanwy” by the Treorchy Male Choir and I know I’m home.”

“I have enjoyed listening to so much of your rich output over many years, often whilst in remote parts of the world. It is therefore a real pleasure to send you warmest congratulations.”

Victor Spinetti - Actor

The Rt Hon The Lord Steel of Aikwood - Politician

“It has been my pleasure to work with the Choir on many occasions down the years, helping to raise countless thousands of pounds for worthy causes and just as importantly, entertaining people of all ages from the four corners of the earth! Whether on the stage at the Park & Dare Theatre or further afield, the response from audiences has always been the same – sheer joy at the quality and breadth of the programme and marvelling at the virtuosity of the Choir members themselves. I have enjoyed many happy evenings acting as a compere and host and sincerely hope that the chance will come again to act in that capacity soon.”

“Highly respected and admired throughout the world, not only as a group of fine musicians representing Wales, but also for your unstinting efforts to raise money for those less fortunate. Treorchy Male Choir - a great credit to our land of Wales.”

Stan Stennett MBE - Entertainer

Shakin' Stevens - Singer

"Dear Diamonds, because that’s what you are! How many times I’ve enjoyed your beautiful singing. How much you have helped at all the charity concerts you have given. To my favourite chaps, bless you all.”

“Unlikely though it may sound, in amongst all my years of playing rock ‘n’ roll on the radio, and interviewing the likes of Status Quo and Motorhead, I have always had a secret love for the sound of a male voice choir and the Treorchy Male Choir have always been the finest of them all and long may you continue!”

Sylvia Syms - Actress

Chris Tarrant OBE - Broadcaster

“Congratulations to you all at the Treorchy Male Choir!”

“I had the pleasure of sharing a stage with the Choir at the Royal Variety Performance last year, held in Wales for the first time at the new Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. The Choir is arguably a legendary musical organisation which has been a great ambassador for Wales across the world since its reformation sixty years ago."

Dame Elizabeth Taylor DBE - Actress

Bryn Terfel CBE - Opera Singer

“Welsh male voice choirs are known as the best in the world and the Treorchy Male Voice Choir are “simply the best”. 2006 was my 30th anniversary since my first hit "Lost In Fance" and I’m still working all over the world letting people know that Wales is the land of song and the Treorchy Male Choir prove this to everyone.”

“During the War, in North Africa, I spent a few happy hours of leisure entertaining other troops as guests of the Welsh Guards Choir who were, of course, the main attraction. I have never forgotten it. Such sounds I have not heard outside my country of origin, Russia. All power to the men of Treorchy.”

Bonnie Tyler - Singer

Sir Peter Ustinov - Actor

“As a Welsh woman now living in New York, I am extremely proud to know a choir such as yours has sustained such longevity and wish you continued success for the future.”

“Like everyone in Wales and indeed the whole world, I have admired the wonderful work you have done over the years. I trust the choir will continues its good work into the future.”

Iris Williams OBE - Singer

J.P.R.Williams - Former Welsh Rugby International & British Lion

“I have always admired your wonderful singing and have been an ardent fan for many, many years.”

“May it continue with unabated acclaim, skill and sheer choral beauty.”

Sir Norman Wisdom - Actor

Richard Todd - Actor

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