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Honoraray Members

Since its inception, the Treorchy Male Choir has been grateful for the support of many individuals outside of the organisation. In recognition of their service to the choir, Honorary Membership has been conveyed upon them. We thank all those who have helped nurture the choir over the many years.

Ian Watts, 2022

Ian Watts is the Musical Director of Carlton Male Choir, Nottingham and was instrumental in organising a tour to Nottingham for the Choir. Ian who is originally a Rhondda boy himself.

Michael Ball OBE, 2021

Michael Ball OBE received honorary membership of the Treorchy Male Choir on 11th April 2021 where he and the choir performed at Cyfarthfa Castle & Park as part of a Channel Five television series called ‘Wonderful Wales’

John Richards, 2019

Friday, April 19th 2019, Park & Dare Theatre, Treorchy 54th Good Friday Concert. John Richards was presented with Honorary Membership by choir president Brian Bates.
John was appointed President of the Treorchy Male Choir in January 2022

Jeffery Howard, 2019

Jeffery Howard was Musical Director of the Treorchy Male Choir between 2013 and 2019

Doug Perkins, 2015

Doug Perkins and his wife, Dame Mary Perkins, founded the international opticians Specsavers. It was thanks to their generous support that the Choir undertook their first visit to Guernsey in 2015.

Roy Sarre, 2015

Roy is the musical director of Festiva Choir, an Evangelical multi-denominational Christian choir based in Guernsey. He organised the Choir's first visit to Guernsey, which took place to mark the 30th anniversary of the Festiva Choir.

His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, 2013

Prince Albert offered the Choir a royal welcome on their first visit to Monte Carlo to perform at the Hotel de Paris for the Monaco Welsh Association. His Serene Highness led the standing ovations to the Choir. The evening raised funds for the Princess Charlene Foundation.

Mark Thomas, 2013

Mark Thomas, President of the Monaco Welsh Association, was responsible for taking the Treorchy Male Choir to Monte Carlo to celebrate St David's Day, 2013. The Choir gave an outstanding royal concert at the Hotel de Paris before Their Serene Highnesses Prince Albert and Princess Charlene. Mark, the son of rugby star Clem Thomas, held the evening to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the British Lions. Also in attendance was Dame Shirley Bassey.

Paul Young, 2011

For many years Paul has been a firm supporter of the Choir's Junior Musician Competition by sponsoring Gold Packages annually. Paul has also assisted the Choir with compiling its annual accounts.

David Green, 2010

Since 1993 David has organised nine Choir concerts in aid of local charities. His work for the Cheltenham Lions and Acorn Hospice has been prolific and, with the support of the Choir, has raised many thousands of pounds for both charities.

Philip Grey, 2010

As the joint Managing Director of Chord Theatrical Agency, Phillip and his wife Jeanne have worked tirelessly organising concerts for the Treorchy Male Choir since 2004.

David Geoffrey Thomas, 2010

David is Assistant Director of Music at Howell's Sixth Form College, Llandaff, and the Cathedral Parish Choir director. He is Director of 'Cantores Landavenses' and has presented music programmes both for BBC and independent radio. He is the President of the South East Wales Organists' Association. He became a guest accompanist with the Treorchy Male Choir in 2008.

Robert Harris, 2010

As the former Chairman and current Director of Rugby for the British Rugby Charity Wooden Spoon, Robert has enjoyed a close association with the Choir. Through his support, the Choir have been involved in Wooden Spoon activities- from concerts and corporate events to performing on international rugby days - for many years. He was also instrumental in supplying the choristers with new polo shirts and continually strived to involve the Choir in various Wooden Spoon fundraising events throughout the UK.

David Lang, 2009

As Production Manager for Andrew Kay Associates, David played a major role in the success of the Choir's tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2009.

Richard Dinnen, 2009

A Production Manager for International Concert Attractions, Richard played a leading role in the success of the Choir’s tour of Australia in 2004.

Stuart Burrows OBE, 2008

The internationally famous tenor from Cilfynydd has enjoyed a relationship with the Choir for more than fifty years since his first performance with them in 1958. He remains in close contact with the Choir and has written many articles for various Choir magazines and anniversary books over the years.

Bryan Davies, 2008

The celebrated pianist has enjoyed a close association with the Choir for more than thirty years, accompanying them many times on stage and screen. His greatest legacies are his many musical arrangements which remain treasured items in the Choir’s repertoire.

Dr Haydn James, 2008

Former Musical Director of the London Welsh Male Choir, Haydn, has conducted several Treorchy Male Choir rehearsals and concerts. He also led the Choir onto the pitch at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, on several occasions, where they performed before international rugby games.

Dr Alwyn Humphreys MBE, 2008

The Conductor Emeritus of the Morriston Orpheus Male Choir, Alwyn, remains a faithful supporter of the Choir. He has regularly conducted the Choir in both concerts and arranged a large selection of music specifically for the Choir. In 2013 he led them on their Royal Concert in Monte Carlo.

Roy Noble OBE, 2008

The famous BBC broadcaster has been a faithful supporter of the Treorchy Male Choir for almost twenty years. The Choir has appeared many times on his radio and television shows, and Roy Noble also presents prizes at the Choir’s annual junior musician competition.

Andrew Badham, 2007

Conductor of the Treorchy Male Choir 1997-2005.

Dr Malcolm Williams, 2007

Designer and webmaster of the Treorchy Male Choir’s second website.

Max Boyce OBE, 2006

The famous Welsh folk singer and comedian first performed with the Choir in the 1970s on his television show. He performed in the Choir's Diamond Jubilee Concert at the Wales Millennium Centre in June 2006, which was dubbed as "Max Live With Treorchy" – a play on words from his bestselling album, which was recorded in Treorchy RFC thirty years earlier.

Adrian Dix, 2005

Along with his wife Val, Adrian supported the Choir for more than twenty years by attending almost every concert throughout the UK during this time.
His obituary in 2008 read:
The Choir was very saddened to hear of the passing of Adrian who was a staunch supporter of Treorchy Male Choir along with his dear wife Val. They attended their first concert in Bourton-on-the-Water in 1988 and since then have attended in excess of 280 concerts and travelled more than 44,000 miles to follow the Choir throughout the country.
Along with his love of gardening, the Choir was Adrian’s life, where he and Val planned everything else around the Choir’s concert engagements, making sure they didn’t miss any. He made many friends within the Choir and the many friends he made at various concerts. He and Val have spent thousands of pounds supporting the Choir by means of travelling to concerts, purchasing tickets and paying for accommodation.
This is in addition to the many monetary donations they have given the Choir over the years. They have supported the Choir’s Appreciation Society since it was formed in 2000. As a sign of gratitude for their dedication and support of the Choir, Adrian was awarded Honorary Membership in 2005. Recently, the newly introduced Honorary Lady Membership was awarded the Val. To Val and all the family, we offer our deepest condolences, knowing that Adrian was very much respected by all in the Choir and by everyone who has been honoured to have known him. He will be sorely missed, but his memory will live on in all the hearts he has touched.
“Safe into the haven guide, O receive my soul at last.”

Nigel Chivers, 2005

Nigel and his wife Judy assisted the president, Brian Bates, in organising concerts for the Choir for more than 25 years.

Edgar Taylor, 2005

Deputy Conductor of the Treorchy Male Choir 2002-2005
His 2008 Obituary read: Treorchy Male Choir was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our former Deputy Conductor Edgar Taylor. Edgar was a charming, friendly, kind and talented gentleman who, during his three years with the Choir, endeared himself to music staff, choristers and audiences alike.
Edgar was indeed a rare breed, part of that school of eminent conductors who were revered in the world of choral music. Musically, he was a child prodigy and his ability to perform and conduct were inbred in him as an individual. The imposing figures of such leaders of music contributed so much to Wales’s universal image as the Land of Song, and the debt of gratitude owed to them is immeasurable.
Edgar began composing at just eleven and competed regularly in the Eisteddfod arena as a talented pianist. He studied music at the Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff under the direction of Zbygnev Grzybowski. He played regularly in concerts with the college orchestra while also giving frequent studio recitals.
He had gained three music diplomas by the time he was fourteen years old and also mastered the French horn, becoming a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Wales. As a member of the Guild for the Promotion of Welsh Music, he took part in many recitals by contemporary Welsh artists such as Daniel Jones and fellow student Alun Hoddinott where Edgar’s compositions were performed.
Some years later, he became the conductor of the Whitchurch Male Choir following the death of its founder conductor and remained at the helm for twelve years. During this time, he was instrumental in training the Cardiff element of the popular Cor Meibion De Cymru, who used his unique arrangement of the American national anthem during their tour of the United States. Edgar spent a further seven years as musical director of the Cardiff Arms Park Male Choir, taking them on a tour of Atlanta, the USA, with the Melbourne Welsh Male Choir.
In 1995 he was invited to train and conduct a male choir for an international choral concert in Tarnos, France, to celebrate the centenary since the death of Guiseppi Verdi. As the Welsh representative, his Choir performed alongside choral groups from Spain, Italy, France and Latvia - culminating in a combined performance of Verdi choruses.
Edgar joined the Treorchy Male Choir in 2002 as Deputy Conductor to Andrew Badham. During his time with the Choir, he conducted several whole and part concerts throughout the UK and beyond. Along with his wife Gloria, Edgar enjoyed the Choir’s tour of Scotland in 2002 and joined us on the tour of Australia in 2004. There, he conducted the majority of his part-concerts at Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth in particular. In recognition of his services to the Choir, he was presented with Honorary Membership on his retirement in 2005.

Andrew Kay, 2004

As the chief executive of International Concert Attractions, Andrew played a leading role in organising the Choir’s tour of Australia in 2004 and 2009.

Lester McGrath, 2004

As an executive member of International Concert Attractions, Lester played a leading role in organising the Choir’s tour of Australia in 2004.

Mel Absalom, 2000

The organiser of regular concerts in Warrington Town Hall, he helped raise many thousands of pounds for a local hospice scheme in the area.

John Jenkins, 1998

Conductor of the Treorchy Male Choir 1991-1997.

Edward Fraser, 1994

Ed Fraser organised the Choir’s tour of California and Colorado in 1994. He also organised the Can-Am Tour six years later, incorporating Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco.

Brian Anstee, 1986

As a member of the James Hardie Industries staff, he was involved in organising the Choir’s first tour of Australia in 1986.

James Kelso, 1986

As a member of the James Hardie Industries staff, he was involved in organising the Choir’s first tour of Australia in 1986.

John Reid, 1986

As Chairman of James Hardie Industries, he was instrumental in organising the Choir’s first tour of Australia in 1986.

Douglas Firstbrook, 1986

As a member of the James Hardie Industries staff, he was instrumental in organising the Choir’s first tour of Australia in 1986.

Harold Woodey, 1986

In 1985 Harold Woodey organised the Choir’s successful two-week tour of Canada, culminating in an unforgettable performance at the Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto.

Evan James, 1985

The Choir’s greatest benefactor from 1985 until he died in the late 1990s, Evan James, was a descendant of the composers of the Welsh National Anthem. A self-made millionaire, he lived in southern California and was once a close friend of John F. Kennedy. On a visit to Pontypridd, he visited the rehearsal room and immediately began donating large quantities of money to Choir funds. The Choir was reunited with him during a performance in Nevada City, California, in 1994.

Brian Bates, 1983

Since the early 1980s, Brian Bates regularly organised concerts for the Choir and helped raise £100,000 for funds over the next 25 years. He also raised tens of thousands of pounds for various charities as a concert organiser. He was elected Choir President in 1998. In 2002 he planned the Choir’s tour of Scotland.

John Tucker, 1981

For almost thirty years, John Tucker regularly organised concerts for the Choir in his hometown of Walsall.

Jon Schoffield, 1970

A director and producer of the Christmas edition of “This Is Tom Jones” with Ronnie Cass, Jon Schoffield earned widespread acclaim as a filmmaker and director throughout the 1970s and 80s.

Ronnie Cass, 1969

Llanelli-born Ronnie Cass was the producer of “This is Tom Jones” during the 1960s and 70s, on which the Choir regularly appeared. He produced Sir Harry Secombe’s “Highway”, which also featured the Choir, and he arranged several items for their repertoire.
Composer Ronnie Cass was born in Llanelli in April 1923 and educated at Llanelli Grammar School. One of six boys, his father was a jeweller, but Ronnie had musical ambitions from the start. He was giving piano concerts in his teens but became a maths teacher to help with family finances. He studied economics at Aberystwyth University when the Second World War began, and he joined the RAF. When his squadron was posted to Burma, they took a piano with them so that he could carry on entertaining them.
After the war, he returned to Wales, but in 1949 he came to London searching for musical opportunities. He found them when Cecil Landeau hired him as musical director at Ciro’s nightclub. There he met Peter Myers, who was preparing a new revue. Their show 10:15 was staged at the tiny Irving Theatre off Leicester Square and was well-received. The Irving Revue soon followed in 1951, starring Betty Marsden, Michael Medwin, Eunice Gayson and Larry Hagman, later to play the evil J.R. Ewing in Dallas and 1952 brought forward at the same small premises Ronnie Stevens’s staging of David Climie’s late-night revue, Just Lately, with Joan Sims, Charles Ross and Kenneth Connor.
In 1952 Ronnie attended a show performed by students of the London School of Economics, one of whom, Ron Moody, was so funny, he was soon making his professional début in Intimacy at Eight (1952), a Cass-Myers revue presented at the New Lindsay Theatre in Notting Hill Gate. A revised version, Intimacy at 8:30 (1954), ran for 551 performances in the West End, of which he was recognised as its leading stage show composer. For Amusement Only (1956) was even more successful, with Moody hilarious in “The Vagabond Student”, a sketch about amateur operatic societies.
Ronnie Cass always said his favourite revue was High Spirits (1953), although it ran only five months at London’s cavernous Hippodrome. Its cast included the actress Valerie Carton, whom he married in 1955. One of the highlights of Cass’s next engagement, For Amusement Only (Apollo, 1956), which ran for two years, was Jimmy Thompson’s impersonation of Liberace, Ich Liberace Dich, with Cass’s sardonic music. A sequel, called For Adults Only (Strand, 1958), with a cast led by Hugh Paddick, Ron Moody and Miriam Karlin, ran for a year. Cass then devised, as musical director, the team’s last West End revue, The Lord Chamberlain Regrets (Saville, 1961) - an allusion to the stage censor who had another seven years in office - with Millicent Martin and Ronnie Stevens heading the cast. However, the show lacked the sparkle and bite of its predecessors.
Two years later, Cass devised and wrote with Myers a late-night West End show, Round Leicester Square (Prince Charles). Comprising a medley of mainly Edwardian songs, Vivienne Martin, Thompson, and Stevens led it. Realising that intimate revue was losing its popularity, Myers and Cass turned to the cinema, scoring great success with the Cliff Richard vehicles The Young Ones (1962) and Summer Holiday (1963). Although the title songs of both films were written by other hands, Cass and Myers provided the basic scores and the screenplays. Their third Cliff musical, Wonderful Life (1964), was less successful.
The unstoppable Ronnie was said to give Robinson Crusoe lessons in survival and went on to create Déjà Revue (1974), a “review of revues” while also writing TV plays. He composed a cantata performed at Norwich Cathedral and devised cabaret shows for cruise liners. He and his old friend Warren Mitchell teamed up to bring The Thoughts of Chairman Alf (1975) to the stage, which they took around the country for the next 20 years.
Having joined the theatre from the world of cabaret, Cass tried cabaret again in 1979, co-devising and writing Blondes and Bombshells. He wrote two novels, True Blue and Fringe Benefits, and a book of theatrical humour titled A Funny Thing Happened or an Anthology of Pro’s. Cass worked with his fellow Welshman Tom Jones on more than 70 television shows and Harry Secombe on the religious series Highway. It was in this capacity that he came into contact with the Treorchy Male Choir.

Sir Tom Jones, 1969

The international superstar catapulted to the top of the charts with “It’s Not Unusual” in 1964. For more than forty years, he remained at the pinnacle of his career and in 2006 received a knighthood. In 1969 the Choir first performed on the Christmas edition of his show, “This is Tom Jones”. They made two more appearances in subsequent years, along with a joint performance on the Burt Bacharach Show. Throughout the 1980s, they continued making shows with Tom, including “Born To Be Me”, and he wrote the Foreword for the Choir’s photographic history book, published in 2000.

Herbert Jones, 1969

The Choir’s elocutionist from 1957 to 1978, his career began with the Mid Rhondda Garrick Dramatic Society, and he went on to perform at the Old Vic in London. He became a Rhondda Borough Councillor in 1953 and was Mayor from 1968 to 1969. He won more than 200 competitions as an elocutionist, including three consecutive “firsts” at the Miners’ Eisteddfod.

D. O. Griffiths, 1951

Mr Griffiths was the General Secretary of the Birmingham Cymmrodorion Society. He invited the Choir to perform in celebrity concerts at the Birmingham Town Hall annually throughout the 1950s.

John Barker, 1950

Mr Barker was the Founder Conductor of the Doncaster Wheatsheaf (Co-op) Girls Choir. The Treorchy choristers made frequent visitors to Doncaster from 1950 onwards and welcomed the Wheatsheaf singers to the Rhondda.

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Honorary Lady Members

Since its inception, the Treorchy Male Choir has been grateful for the support of many individuals outside of the organisation. In recognition of their service to the Choir, Honorary Lady Membership has been conveyed upon them. We thank all those who have helped nurture the Choir over the many years.

Ella Simmons, 2024

Honorary lady membership of the Treorchy Male Choir was awarded to Ella Simmons on 20th April 2024 during our concert at Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury.

Ella works for Davey Travel Ltd and has transported the choir to all corners of the UK in recent years. Nothing is ever too much trouble, and she is a huge fan of ours. She attends our concerts even when they are local, and we don’t need transport!

Diolch o galon, Ella, a llongyfarchiadau i ti! Congratulations, Ella. Well-deserved recognition.

Marianne Richards, 2024

Marianne Richards was awarded with Honorary Lady Membership of Treorchy Male Choir on 31st March 2024 during our concert at La Pointe, Naples.

Marianne is the wife of our President, John Richards, known affectionately by us as ‘The First Lady’! Both John and Marianne have worked so hard during the past year to make this trip to Florida happen and we are eternally grateful to you both.

Llongyfarchiadau, Marianne!  

Louise Reynolds, 2021

Treorchy Male Choir were delighted to award Louise Reynolds with Honorary Lady Membership on her final day as Headteacher of Treorchy Primary School. Louise has been a great friend to the choir over the years and has been particularly supportive recently during the Pandemic.

Ruth Madoc, 2015

Welsh actor Ruth Madoc shot to fame in the 1980s as Gladys Pugh in BBC 1's Hi De Hi! She has since performed in all manner of programmes and films in a career stretching more than fifty years. She first appeared with the Choir in 1979 and has been an ardent fan. She has presented trophies at the Junior Musician Competition in more recent years and remains a great supporter of the Choir.

Dame Mary Perkins, 2015

Dame Mary Perkins founded the international opticians, Specsavers. It was thanks to her generous support that the Choir undertook their first visit to Guernsey in 2015.

Madelaine Sarre, 2015

The wife of Roy Sarre, Musical Director of Festiva Choir in Guernsey, Maddie worked tirelessly on the Choir's first tour of Guernsey in 2015.

Elvira Henry 2013

From 1962 to 1968, Elvira was the soprano soloist of the Treorchy Male Choir. After being "discovered" by Conductor John Haydn Davies at local oratorio and chapel concerts, she performed as a soloist in fifteen concerts throughout the country. After fifty years, she was reunited with the Choir in 2010 and remained a firm supporter.

Jeanne Grey, 2010

As the joint Managing Director of Chord Theatrical Agency, Jeanne and her husband Philip have organised concerts for the Treorchy Male Choir since 2004.

Marcelle Berry, 2010

Concert organiser and supporter Marcelle Berry has been associated with the Choir for over 40 years. She organised a concert in Bishop's Cleeve in 1976 and subsequently introduced future President Brian Bates into the Treorchy family. Marcelle and her husband Norman remained faithful supporters of the Choir.

Iona Jones, 2010

Soprano soloist with Treorchy Male Choir since 2009, Iona accompanied them on their successful tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Pia di Paolo, 2009

As assistant to Andrew Kay, Pia was the driving force in organising the tours of Australia (2004) and Australia and New Zealand (2009).

Sue Gannon, 2009

As Tour Manager for Andrew Kay Associates, Sue played a leading role in the successful tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2009.

Mair Roberts, 2008

Soprano Soloist from 1977 to 1997, Mair appeared in almost 150 concerts and also performed as a soloist on the Choir’s first tour of Australia in 1986. She is the founder conductor of Cantorion Creigiau.

Judy Chivers, 2008

Along with her husband Nigel, Judy supported President Brian Bates in organising fundraising concerts for the Choir for over twenty-five years.

Val Dix, 2008

Along with her husband Adrian, Val has supported the Choir for more than twenty years by attending concerts throughout the UK.

Helen May, 2008

Mezzo-Soprano Soloist, Treorchy Male Choir since 1999. Helen also performed as a soloist on the Choir’s second tour of Australia in 1999.

Kate Woolveridge. 2008

Mezzo-Soprano Soloist, Treorchy Male Choir 2003-2013.

Fran Wheat, 2008

Along with her husband George, Fran was the driving force behind organising the Choir’s first tour of the USA in 1991.

Rhiannon Williams, 2008

Accompanist for the Treorchy Male Choir 1997-2002.

Linde Macpherson, 2008

As a member of staff of James Hardie Industries, Linde was responsible for the entire PR and marketing campaign of the Choir’s successful first tour of Australia in 1986.

Iris Williams, 2008

The international Welsh singer who rose to fame with her hit "He Was Beautiful" has been a firm supporter of the Choir for many years. She made a special visit to the UK from her New York home to perform at the Choir's Diamond Jubilee Concert in 2006. Such was the success of the evening that a return concert was organised in Treorchy two years later.

Jennifer Jones, 2008

Accompanist of the Treorchy Male Choir 1971-1988. Jennifer regularly performed as the harpist on many Choir recordings and in concert engagements. She accompanied the Choir at the piano in over 400 concerts. Jennifer is Conductor of the Ynyswen Male Choir and has returned to Treorchy as Guest Conductor from 2005 to 2007.

Jeanetta Lawrence, 2007

A supporter of the Treorchy Male Choir for more than sixty years, Jean Lawrence is the widow of former chorister Ieuan. She was the force behind saving the Park & Dare Theatre from closure and is a significant fundraiser for the Choir.

Janice Ball BEM, 2007

Accompanist 2004-2007; Deputy Conductor 2006-2007; Conductor of the Treorchy Male Choir 2007-2012. Received a British Empire Medal in 2019

Honorary Members: List
Honorary Members: Pro Gallery
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