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John Richards

Treorchy Male Choir President - January 2022 - Present

John has strong Rhondda Valley roots being the son of John David Richards who was brought up in the Parade, Ton Pentre and Megan Richards (née Edwards) who was brought up above her family's general store DC Edwards-The Royal Exchange in Treherbert. Indeed, John still has family living in the Rhondda Valley.
He recalls his mother often playing records of Welsh male choirs after the family moved to London. The sound of the Treorchy Male Choir became very familiar to him and his uncle, Ifor Hitchings was a member for many years.
John has a real affection for the choir and many of the Minstrels (a group of choristers within the choir who perform at weddings and other celebrations). The Minstrels sang at his birthday one year and at his wedding to Marianne.
John and Marianne have sponsored the choir's Junior Musician competition for the last few years before the pandemic caused a halt to this popular event.
Our President Brian Bates, who is now retiring after many years of service, presented John with Honorary Membership of the choir at a concert in the Theatr Y Parc a’r Dâr, Treorci / Park & Dare Theatre, Treorchy. We wish Brian a long, happy and healthy retirement and thank him for his incredible support.

John has a very busy business life as Chairman of Brickability Group PLC, Chairman of Pencoed based Facilities by ADF, Chairman of JR and M Investments as well as being President of Moseley RFC in Birmingham where once he was a player and where his son Jack now plays. John also has a daughter Elizabeth who works and lives in London.
He is both honoured and humbled by the invitation to become President of the choir and he recalls the words of Sir Anthony Hopkins:
" The Master Choir of them all".
He says he absolutely echoes this splendid tribute and is looking forward to a long and successful era at an exciting time for our choir.

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Roger Morse

Treorchy Male Choir Vice- President - April 2024 - Present

Roger Morse, a member of the 1st Tenor Section, stands as a testament to dedication and commitment. As one of the longest-serving members of the choir, he was honoured with a 50-year service certificate and a gold watch in April 2024. Residing in Treherbert, Roger dedicated a significant part of his professional life to the Royal Mint, while also contributing to WR Ribbons and the National Coal Board.

Before his musical journey, Roger was a passionate rugby player, representing Treorchy RFC in his youth. His love for the sport remains strong, and he often finds himself at the Principality Stadium, cheering for Wales during their home International Matches, especially when the choir is performing the anthems.

When asked about his favourite song during his 50 years with the choir, Roger found it difficult to choose between Mike Sammes’ arrangement of ‘My Way’ and John Cynan Jones’ ‘Bailero’, both of which were recorded by the choir in the 1980s. However, he ultimately chose the latter, stating, “It's a beautiful piece of music and, for me, John Cynan Jones’ finest arrangement for choir and soprano soloist.”

He says the choir has been a huge part of his life and he has so many fond memories and experiences, such as singing at the Sydney Opera House, Birmingham Symphony Hall, and the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo.

He says, “You simply cannot put a price on the feeling you get when the choir is on form, performing in some of the finest venues at home and abroad.”

During the April 2024 Annual General Meeting, Chairman Gareth Evans honoured Roger with the Vice-Presidency of the choir.

Roger Morse.jpg
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Alan Bowen

Treorchy Male Choir Vice- President -July 2024 - Present

At last night’s concert in Park & Dare Theatre Treorchy, baritone Alan Bowen was presented with the office of Vice-President. Alan joined in 1996 and is a Long Service, Life Member and is also our Archivist, Registrar and editor of our annual year review magazine Excelsior. Sadly, Alan’s health is such that he is retiring as a singing member but will continue to work tirelessly for us as Archivist, Registrar and Excelsior editor.

Roger Morse.jpg
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President Emeritus - Brian Bates

In recognition for considerable service and dedication

At a sell-out concert at Cheltenham Town Hall on 25th March 2023, President John Richards, on behalf of Treorchy Male Choir, conferred the honorific title of 'President Emeritus' upon Brian Bates for his dedication and service to the choir.

As a choir, we are indebted to the considerable support Brian has given us over the years - Diolch!

President John Richards and President Emeritus Brian Bates.JPG
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Iorwerth Thomas MP - 1946-1966

Clifford Taylor - 1967-1998

Brian Bates - 1998-2022

John Richards - 2022-present

Since the reformation of the Treorchy Male Choir in 1946, the organisation has elected only three Presidents in over sixty years. The distinguished position of Choir President is afforded only to those whose contribution to the organisation is truly outstanding. This has most certainly been the case when recognising the immense dedication all three Presidents have shown to the benefit of the Choir.

William Abraham The original Choir which existed from 1883 to 1896 enjoyed the privilege of the first Member of Parliament of the Rhondda and well-known trade unionist William Abraham “Mabon” (1842-1922) holding the position of the first Choir President.

“Mabon” was born in Cwmafan and began working in the local colliery from the age of ten. A leading trade unionist, he was elected MP at the 1885 election for the new Rhondda constituency and remained in post for the next 35 years.

In 1898 he was one of the chief negotiators on behalf of the colliers in the Welsh coal strike of 1898 which saw the creation of the South Wales Miners' Federation of which he became its first President.

William Abraham
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When the Choir was reformed towards the end of the First World War the newly established Treorchy & District Male Voice Party turned their attentions to a different individual to fill the roll of President. W.P. Thomas had been involved in the original Victorian Choir and was a leading figure in Upper Rhondda history during this period.

W.P.ThomasHe was originally a Clerk with the Ocean Coal Company in Treorchy whose local collieries, the Park and the Dare were two of the most profitable in the Rhondda. During his career he was elevated to the post of General Manager of the entire firm and as such was a hugely influential individual throughout South Wales.

Given his interest in the cultural heritage of the area and naturally his power and position, he was the obvious choice to become the new President of the Choir. He remained in the position until it disbanded n 1943. However, W.P.Thomas was also a prospective President for the reformed Choir in 1946 but was never re-appointed.
Once the present-day Choir was reformed following World War II the first President was local councillor Iorwerth Rhys Thomas. Born in 1896, “Iorrie”, as he was affectionately known, later lived in Park Road, Cwmparc with his wife Ann and two children. He was a local councillor in the upper Rhondda from 1928 to 1951 and later became Chairman of Rhondda Borough Council.

W.P. Thomas
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On September 28th 1947 the committee elected him as President and he held office for almost twenty years until his death in 1966. Although his position meant that he was unable to spend a great deal of time with the Choir, he nonetheless continued to support them in all fo their endeavours.
During this time he became the MP of Rhondda West from 1950 to 1966 and remained in close contact with the Choir by attending various concerts and dinner functions while also contributing regularly to the Excelsior magazine.
Upon his death the Management Committee of the Choir had little doubt on who would make hisi deal successor. Cliff Taylor, who was born in 1915, was head of the Polikoff’s Clothing Factory in Treorchy during the 1950s and 60s. He was a firm supporter of the Choir, allowing them frequent use of the factory canteen for dinner functions, broadcasts and even concerts.

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During his time at the factory he also ensured the Choir were “well dressed” on stage by supplying uniforms at reduced price. It was due to his generosity and support that the Management Committee dedcided to elect him as President of the Choir in 1967 and he later became a Life Member in 1985.
Cliff, who later settled in Bridgewater, Somerset remained an active President until ill health greatly reduced his involvement with the Choir. He passed away in 1998 in Bridgewater.
The current President of the Choir is Brian Bates who was elected into the post in 1998. Originally from Narberth, Pembrokeshire, he has spent most of his life in Cheltenham where he began showing an interest in the Choir. During the early 1980s he organised a concert for a local hospice where his own wife later underwent specialist care.

Clifford Taylor
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For the next twenty years Brian continued organising concerts on a regular basis and raised in the region of £100,000 for Choir funds as well as a massive amount of funds for various charities.

In 2002 Brian organised the Choir’s first tour of Scotland, but relinquished his role as concert organiser in 2005. Brian, along with his close friends Nigel and Judy Chivers, remains a firm supporter of the Choir and regularly attends concert engagements and various events.

For more than 125 years, the role of the President of the Treorchy Male Choir has indeed been a very distinguished one. It has been a position filled with men of the utmost calibre and we are grateful for their immense contribution to the organisation.

Brian Bates
Presidents & Vice Presidents: Text

Vice Presidents

Norman Martin, Haydn Erasmus and Islwyn Morgan

Tom Jenkins - 1946-1996

Edward Knapgate - 1967-1971

John Haydn Davies - 1971-1991

Clive Thomas - 2005-2006

Haydn Erasmus - 2007-2010

Islwyn Morgan - 2007-2023

Norman Martin - 2007-2020

Robert Griffiths - 2009

William Watkin - 2017-2019

Roger Morse - 2023 - Present

The role of Vice President of the Treorchy Male Choir has been filled by a host of very different individuals, including choristers, conductors and supporters of the organisation. With the reformation of the Choir in 1946 the Management Committee decided to incorporate the post of Vice President into the Constitution and since that date six men have fulfilled the role.

During the Autumn of 1946 friends Tom Jenkins and George Neighbour decided to reform the Choir with the support of a handful of men who, like themselves, had been members of the pre-war organisation. Tom Jenkins was the former Secretary who had the sad task of disbanding the Choir in 1943 due to wartime difficulties. However, three years later he worked tirelessly to see it rise like a phoenix from the ashes of World War II.

Tom Jenkins lived in Stuart Street, Treorchy. Despite being blind, he played an active role in the reformation of the Choir and was appointed the first Vice President in 1946 and first Life Member in 1947. It was a position he held with distinction until his death in 1966.

A period of five years passed before the post was filled once again and due to his retirement as Founder Conductor of the Treorchy Male Choir during the late 1960s, it was decided to confer Vice Presidency on John Haydn Davies in 1971. He also held the title of Conductor Emeritus and was awarded Life Membership in 1967. John Haydn remained the Vice President until his death in 1991, making him the longest serving individual in that role.

The Vice Presidency remained vacant for fourteen years until it was decided to approach Treorchy-born Clive Thomas to fulfil the role in 2005. Mr Thomas, whose father Idris was a long-standing member of the Choir, was a World Cup referee, who famously disallowing the Brazilian goal in the 1978 final. He was later made High Sheriff of Glamorgan and as Vice President he secured funding from Coca Cola Enterprises for the Choir’s Junior Musician Competition.

With the resignation of Clive Thomas in the latter part of 2006 the Management Committee decided to appoint Vice Presidents from within the ranks of the Choir and who better to approach than its three longest-serving members. Founder Member and former Chairman Haydn Erasmus; former Assistant Secretary and Secretary Islwyn Morgan and former Registrar and Honorary Archivist Norman Martin were all appointed Vice Presidents of the Treorchy Male Choir.

In 2009 it was agreed to bestow Vice Presidency on chorister Robert Griffiths who had contributed greatly to the administrative functions of the Choir. Sadly he passed away just a few months before he was due to receive the honour. It was given posthumously to his widow and family.

When the Choir celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2016 it was agreed that Vice Presidency would be bestowed on baritone William Raymond Watkin. Better known as "Boyo", he was celebrating his 60th year in the Choir when he received the honour at the anniversary concert in Treorchy.

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