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What Are They?

Treorchy Male Choir has one of the most advanced collections of archives ever recorded by an amateur musical organisation in the world. Carefully amassed and catalogued over a sixty five year period, the archives contain a massive selection of more than 10,000 items of memorabilia relating to the world-famous organisation.

Today the Treorchy Male Choir Archives are kept in their rehearsal room under the careful supervision of the Choir’s Honorary Archivist who updates sections of the collections on a weekly basis. It is such care and dedication since the Choir was reformed in October 1946 that has allowed it to grow into such a formidable selection of items.
The Archives grew due to the dedication of Norman Martin, a member of the Second Tenor section who joined the Choir in the early part of 1947. Then in its infancy, the Choir was less than a year old when he first sang in the ranks and gradually he began to collect items relating to the organisation, including concert programmes, posters and newspaper reports. It was from this fledgling collection of items that the Archives expanded.
Armed with his camera, Norman then began capturing images of his fellow choristers at various concert engagements and tours. He collected each edition of the Choir magazine, Excelsior, along with concert posters, commercial recordings, trophies, publications and Choir clothing. From 1962 Norman was appointed Registrar of the Choir and from then began publishing annual reports of attendances, an annual Brief History and an annual Rehearsal Report which methodically recorded every single event in the Choir’s history, from announcements in the rehearsal room to miles travelled to an engagement. Naturally this incredible resource of Choir history was used to the advantage of the organisation time and time again and Norman’s expertise as the proverbial “font of all knowledge” remains invaluable. He was officially presented with the title of Honorary Archivist and remained in the post until 2002 when he decided the time had come to retire as both Registrar and Archivist.
For the last decade of his time as Archivist, Norman worked frequently with the Choir’s Publicity Officer, Dean Powell who was elected to the post in 1993. With Norman’s support, Dean published a larger annual magazine along with specialist anniversary brochures and a photographic history book of the Choir which was released in 2000. Dean also helped expand the Choir archives by undertaking a three-year research project into the history of the organisation prior to 1946, amassing a large collection of memorabilia from the original Choir which was formed in 1883 up until 1943.
Therefore it seemed only appropriate that on Norman’s retirement, the Treorchy Male Choir Archives were transferred to the careful protection of Dean who was also given the title of Honorary Archivist. For the next three years Dean modernised the collection with an improved cataloguing system and also digitised the photographic section. To date the greater majority of Archives, including all of its sheet music, commercial recordings and broadcasts, are also secured electronically and copies of many of the items are kept in the Reference Section of Treorchy Library, the Glamorgan Archives and the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. The Archives is more than just a collection of memorabilia, it is now a priceless educational resource which allows users an insight into the cultural history of the Rhondda.

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What Are They?: Text

The collection now includes over 1,800 concert programmes, 600 concert posters, 1,000 individual pieces of music, 8,000 photographs, 2,500 newspaper reports, all commercial recordings on 78rpm, 45rpm and 33rpm albums, cassette tape or CD format. It also includes 50 television broadcasts, live concert recordings, tour video footage and reports on each of the choir’s conductors, accompanists and soloists. Each of the Choir tours has individual reports and photograph collections along with special events such as the naming ceremony of the Enchantment of the Seas luxury cruiseliner, the Royal Variety Performance and the Royal Command Concert at Powys Castle.
There is also the complete collection of over 60 editions of Excelsior, all of the Choir’s visitor guestbooks, minute books, Eisteddfod certificates, dinner & dance menus and every obituary pamphlet for choristers who passed away. A large number of trophies are also housed in the collection as the current trophy cabinet kept at the rehearsal room is inadequate in size to display every presentation gift.
A collection of data listing all former choristers is also kept, along with folders maintained on the Junior Musician Competition, brief history, rehearsal reports, discography, committees, administrative staff, honorary members, life members and even correspondence from celebrities for the anniversary celebrations and Christmas cards dating back to the 1940s!
Some of the most valuable items include the actual programme from the Choir’s concert for Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle in 1895, and the medallion worn by each of the choristers who sang in that same concert. The present Choir’s first concert programme from Ramah Chapel in July 1947 is also a delight along with all of the Eisteddfod adjudication reports and the American flag flown above the US Senate to mark the Choir’s tour of the Mid West in 1991.
With over 130 years of history captured in the original documents and files, the Treorchy Male Choir Archives are an impressive collection of memorabilia amassed and protected with care, attention and dedication.

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What Are They?: Text

Visitors' Guestbooks

Treorchy Male Choir’s Rehearsal Room at the school in Glyncoli Road, Treorchy, has welcomed thousands of visitors from practically every country in the world. With the exception of the final rehearsal before a National Eisteddfod Competition, when the doors were closed to visitors, the Choir has always ensured the warmest of welcomes to admirers of the organisation.
In fact the Wales Tourist Board has traditionally advertised the Choir’s rehearsal evenings to its many overseas visitors, advising them to venture to the Upper Rhondda and hear the Treorchy men “live”. This is one of the reasons why so many delegations of foreign dignitaries have often paid a visit to Glyncoli Road.
While visitors allow the sweet music to wash over them on the rehearsal room, they are asked to complete the Visitor’s Guestbook. So did you ever visit the rehearsal room and sign their book, or did one of your relatives? Here you can view many of the entries in the five Visitor's Guestbooks that began in 1949.

Guestbook 1949-1969 

“The happiest of times to you”
Ada Alsop, Darlington, Durham, Sept. 1949

“Congratulations for a truly splendid performance.”
Mr & Mrs J Hughes, New York, Sept. 1949

“Congratulations on your grand work.”
Jenkin Morgan, Coventry, Sept. 1949

“Thank you for a great experience.”
Eluned Roberts, New York, Oct. 1949

“I have looked forward to this for a very long time.”
Joanne Taylor, Berkeley, California, Nov. 1949

“Completed on Triple Crown Day, and I could write!”
Alun Williams BBC, Cardiff, Nov. 1949

Henri Langlais, French Consul, Cardiff, Jan. 1950

June Duyoewaarott, Hudson Heights, Quebec, Canada, Jan. 1950

“Good luck for the National! Most enjoyable.”
Cyril McNally, Ireland, July 1950

“Cymru am Byth!”
Shaaban S Farsi, Zanzibar, East Africa, July 1950

“Of course I’m proud of you.”
Fred Pullin, Middlesex, Sept. 1950

“Splendid! We travelled from Falmouth especially to hear you!”
Jack Pearce, Beverley Hills, California, USA, Sept. 1950

“Thrilling music! Every note!”
Dr Richard Smith, Morgantown, Oct. 1950

“With grateful thanks!”
Beryl Cook on behalf of the Ipswich Youth Singers, Oct. 1950

“With thanks for a wonderful experience and the best of luck to you!”
John Selwin, Singapore, Nov. 1950

“Ars gratia artis!”
Bryan Davies, Frederick Street, Ferndale, May 1951

“Absolutely thrilled with the rehearsal.”
H. Wingfield, Church Terrace, Tylorstown, May 1951

“A pleasure to listen to.”
E. Ring, Cardiff, June 1951

“I enjoyed it very much. Please come to the States and show them over there how to sing.”
Rose Wakeford, Utah, USA, June 1951

“The finest singing of any Choir I have ever heard. I hope to hear the Choir many more times.”
Jean Knozys, Cardiff, July 1951

Ray Thomas, Sydney, Australia, August 1951

“A pleasure I would never have missed.”
T Godding, Slough, Oct. 1951

“With thanks to the wonderful Choir.”
Ruth Packer, London, Oct. 1951

“Words fail me. My heart says it all.”
D.O.Griffiths, Birmingham Cymmrodorion Society, Oct. 1951

“Admiring congratulations on ppps as beautiful as your fffs!”
Jennifer Vyvyan, London, Oct. 1951

“Absolutely splendid”
Howell Glynne, Royal Opera House, London, Oct. 1951

“A wonderful experience.”
W. Hargeaves, Musical Director, Cory Band, Nov. 1951

“I enjoyed the Choir’s most excellent singing.”
Paul Botluma, Johannesburg, South Africa, Dec. 1951

“A unique evening for us to hear our work sung.”
Alan D. Bush, London, April 1952

“Extremely inspiring. We have so enjoyed our afternoon.”
Mr & Mrs Lock, Melbourne, Australia, June 1952

“A light to the heart.”
W. Munchheimer, Frankfurt, Germany, July 1952

“All the best of luck which you deserve for Aberystwyth.”
Lionel Birch, London, June 1952

“With sincere thanks for your artistic singing.”
Elsie Collinson, London, Oct. 1952

“Wonderful. Looking forward to your next broadcast.”
Hazel Nichols, Postwick, Norwich, Oct. 1952

“Absolutely beautiful.”
Frank Food, Alberta, Canada, Dec. 1952

“I was so moved by your quality and beauty.”
R Lewainska, Northern Rhodesia, Dec. 1952

“A marvellous experience. I loved it.”
M Dean, Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, March 1953

“Best wishes to you all. With much love.”
Rachel Roberts, Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, March 1953

Mervyn Johns, Elstree Studios, Borehamwood, March 1953

“All the very best from us all. Comrades!”
Farquhar MacDonald, Conductor, Glasgow Police Male Voice Choir, May 1953

“The most wonderful singing. God bless you all.”
Fred Thomas, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, July 1953

“We had been looking forward to this for months. Wonderful”
Mdm Lumediluna, Nice, France, Sep. 1953

“I admire your wonderful voices and your use of the music.”
A Link, Esslingen, Germany, Sept. 1953

“Your great singing made us prouder than ever to be Welsh.”
D. Childs, Penarth, Cardiff, Sept. 1953

“This Choir is a great example of the very highest type of Welsh singing.”
S Boorman, St David’s College, Lampeter, Sept. 1953

“I should be so very happy to see you come to my country.”
G. Theotocatos, British Institute, Greece, Sept. 1953

“It was beautiful I shall come again.”
H. Lewis, San Francisco, California, USA, Sept. 1953

“Thank you for this wonderful experience.”
F. Keegh, Dublin, Ireland, Dec. 1953

“Thank you for the most pleasant evening in my three years in Britain.”
A. Sowarl, New York, USA, Dec. 1953

“Best wishes for such a wonderful, musical evening.”
Thomas Round, Sadlers Wells Opera Company, London, June 1954

“Looking forward to many more broadcasts on the BBC overseas service.”
P Williams, Kumasi, Gold Coast, Australia, June 1954

“We wish you the best of luck in the National.”
William Hughes, Michigan, USA, July 1954

“Thanks for having us. Wonderful singing!”
Mrs Peacock, Guildford City Football Club, July 1954

“Wonderful singing. Reminds me of the Treorky chorus of old.”
W.D. Williams, Newark, New York, USA, July 1954

“Beautiful harmony. Absolutely grand.”
Evan Evans, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA, Aug. 1954

“You sound terrific.”
Tom Seng Yam, Malacca, Malaya, Aug. 1954

“You are simply wonderful.”
Christine Kaiser, Stuttgart, Germany, Aug. 1954

“Wonderful sound.”
G. Besada, Egypt, Aug. 1954

“Wales at its best.”
D. Hughes, The War Office, London, Aug. 1954

Emily Coldwell, Santa Cruz, California, Nov. 1954

“A truly thrilling evening.”
Petula Clark, London, Feb. 1955

“Many, many thanks for all the happy listening.”
Sian Phillips, Cardiff, Feb. 1955

“I have loved your singing so very much.”
Rebecca Phillips, Blanding, Utah, USA, June 1955

“First class. Marvellous.”
N Khadayan, Tehtran, Aug. 1955

“I enjoyed it tremendously.”
Ian Hurrell, H.M. Foreign Office, London, Aug. 1955

“The best singing I have ever heard.”
Philip Leyshon, Helensburgh, New South Wales, Australia, Aug. 1955

“It was a privilege to hear you at work.”
Joan Pamela Russell, Bishop Auckland, County Durham, Oct. 1955

“All your Italian guests are very much impressed at the co-ordination and harmony of your magnificent Choir.”
J. Vegas, Milan, Italy, May 1956

“I enjoyed it very much. Good luck to you.”
H Hajema, Haarlem, Holland, June 1956

“Wishing you all the best. Your singing is simply wonderful. Magnificent!”
E Abidike, Nigerian Broadcast Service, Nigeria, June 1956

“Just wonderful.”
M. Reynolds, Vancouver, Canada, June 1956

“Very fine indeed.”
Hugh Gaitskill, House of Commons, London, July 1956

“A really great thrill!”
Oliver Jones, Berkeley, California, USA, Aug. 1956

“Thank you. Your recording of the 23rd Psalm will always be a reminder to me.”
H Miles, South Africa, Aug. 1956

“I have been eagerly looking forward to coming to your rehearsal. Marvellous.”
C.E. Daniel, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of National Planning, Rangoon, Sept. 1955

“What wonderful music you make.”
Geraint Evans, Covent Garden, London, Sept. 1956

“Wonderful harmony. A great pleasure to hear you. The highlight of our holiday”
W. Walker, Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, Sept. 1957

“Thanks for this feast of music.”
B Aundell, Geneva, Switzrland, Oct. 1957

The Choir’s Second Visitors' Book which spanned from 1958 to 1961 was taken from the Rehearsal Room and never returned.

“Great to be back to hear the finest choir in the world.”
Ivor Cassam, Cathedral Road, Cardiff, March 1961

“Listening to the records have thrilled us for years but to really hear you had been a rare treat.”
N. Atkinson, Sydney, Australia, March 1961

“I’ve always wanted to hear “in the flesh” the best male voice choir.”
Richard Jeffreys, St Bartholomews Hospital, London, March 1961

“Wonderful! The best!”
Cliff Morgan, Rhondda, now Cardiff, March 1961

“A joy to listen to. I am honoured to have been present.”
John Bushell, Yorkshire, April 1961

“It has been quite a thrill for me after being absent for 34 years.”
R.D. Lewis, Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada, April 1961

“A great joy to hear the greatest choir in the world. I sang with the old Treorchy from 1929 to 1932.”
P. Davies, Fulham, London, July 1961

“I have enjoyed listening to you many times. Tonight for the first time I have had the good fortune of watching you rehearse and it has been a thrilling experience.”
Harold Penny, Southampton, July 1961

“A thrilling performance that’s never to be forgotten. My dad sang in the Royal Welsh.”
Alice Smeal, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, July 1961

“An evening to remember. Good luck. I enjoy your singing very much.”
Jose Ruiz Ruiz, Santandez, Spain, Aug. 1961

“From Pendyrus, my best wishes at Rhos.”
D. Jenkins, Chairman, Pendyrus Male Choir, Aug. 1961

“Equal to the most beautiful sound on this earth but even more beautiful. May you sing forever.”
R. Cripps, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Sept. 1961

“A real treat.”
J. H. Stewart, Nairobi, Kenya, July 1962

“A most unique experience. A marvellous conductor and a great chorus.”
G. Townsend, Seattle, Washington, USA, July 1962

“Definitely fabulous!”
Josephine Gray, Ohio, USA, Oct. 1962

“Absolutely tremendous!”
Leo Davidson, Rotterdam, Holland, Jan. 1963

“A most impressive and enjoyable evening.”
Vernon Buckler, Alexandria, Virginia, USA, April 1963

“To those who sing with the tongues of angels.”
William Knight, Department of State, Washington D.C., USA, April 1963

“To the Shakespeares of Music. A real blessing.”
Mr John, Pasadena, California, USA, May 1963

“I have never heard anything so beautiful.”
Grace Djeabo, Accra, Ghana, July 1963

“Wonderful to hear. I’ve been taken to heaven.”
Bess Rees, Philadelphia, USA, July 1963

“I have records of this lovely choir which I hear so often in Victoria.”
Phyllis Hill, Victoria, British Columbia, Aug. 1963

“The experience I will long remember with pleasure.”
Margaret Royal, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, Aug. 1963

“So much pleasure by so few, to so many.”
John Haskell, New York, Aug. 1963

“With many best wishes to a great choir for bringing so much pleasure to so many.”
Cecil Thomas, Treherbert Police Station, Sept. 1963

“Now win at Swansea! Out of this world.”
John James, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, May 1964

“I am drenched in the voices of beauty.”
J. Long, Malaysia, June 1964

“At last fulfilled, a personal ambition.”
Jacob Cohen, Glasgow, Scotland, July 1964

“Wonderful to see and hear your choir after enjoying your records for many years.”
John Hanna, Sydney, Australia, July 1965

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience.”
K Ewing, Indiana, USA, Aug. 1965

“With many thanks for your singing. Such a privilege to hear you.”
Janet Steward, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 1965

“Many thanks for allowing us to enjoy this feast of music.”
Ceinwen Moxey, Great Yarmouth, Sept. 1965

“To hear music made so beautifully is both a memorable privilege and a rewarding experience.”
Lloyd Marham, Victoria, Australia, Sept. 1965

“Deafening and superb!”
Michael Fernando, The Times of Ceylon, London, Feb. 1966

“A most excellent visit which we enjoyed very much. We have heard your reputation now I have heard this magnificent singing.”
Edgar Proud, Salt Lake City, USA, March 1966

“Many thanks once again for the privilege of listening to the golden voices of Treorchy.”
Jack McCallum, Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 1966

“It was worth travelling so far to hear the rehearsal and to see Mr Davies at work.”
Donald Clarke, Toronto, Canada, Sept. 1966

“It was an honour to hear your beautiful choir. I will never forget it.”
J Dickenbeige, Geneva, Switzerland, May 1967

“An inspiration to hear such lovely harmony. Wish we had some of you in Auckland!”
F.M. Cooper, Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand, July 1967

“Your voices electrify the air. May you win all your contests.”
M Schuerkit, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Aug. 1967

“On behalf of the people of Zambia, I thank you for your contribution to the cultural heritage of Wales through your music.”
S Kabombo, Radio Zambia, Oct. 1967

“If music be the food of love play on! Speechless!”
Nonnie Pilane, Radio Botswana, Gaberones, Oct. 1967

“A marvellous experience to hear a magnificent party in the flesh.”
G Roberts, Harlow, Essex, June 1968

“Thank you for this wonderful experience. Dust goes in, silver comes out.”
G Danks, Mount Gambier, South Australia, Aug. 1968

“Praise be to you.”
Ben Aviv, Israel, Sept. 1968

“So inspiring. It’s wonderful to be here.”
Rose MacFarlane, Jamaica, West Indies, Oct. 1968

“A wonderful experience. This community singing is so touching.”
R Ezekiel-Hart, Lagos, Nigeria. Oct. 1968

“I’ve waited a long time to hear you. Worth every minute of the wait.”
E.J. Heycock, Woodley, Berks, March 1969

“I have been shown great kindness in Wales. This visit is the landmark of my life.”
R. Cole, Canterbury, Kent, July 1969

Guestbook 1970-1989

“The career of the Choir has been followed with great interest and I have all your records.”
Mr & Mrs Thomas, Margate, Kent, Feb. 1970 

“Absolutely magnificent!”
Jimmy Morris, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, May 1971 

 Mr Astolfi, Michigan, USA, May 1971 

“An unexpected experience that I shall never forget. Truly a great pleasure.”
Joe Jenkins, Rhodesia, June 1971 

“Thanks for a memory to be cherished.”
W Sheppard, Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia, June 1971 

“Certainly worth coming all of this way to listen to you.”
Albert Lister, Leeds, Yorkshire, July 1971 

“I love all music but I haven’t heard anything which touched me so deeply in years.”
Kathy McIntosh, Chicago, USA, Sept. 1971 

“Have fulfilled an ambition and enjoyed it thoroughly.”
Miss D Hebditch, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancs, Sept. 1971 

“We wish we could hear you in Canada! This has been a thrilling experience for us.”
Alan & Nana Austin, Victoria, B.C., Canada, Sept. 1971 

“This is the greatest choir!”
Michael Howell, Ringmer, Sussex, Oct. 1971 

“Just beautiful – very much appreciated.”
Carole Burke, Auckland, New Zealand, June 1972 

“The best singing I have ever heard.”
Seija Rautanen, Finland, July 1972 

“Too marvellous to be described.”
Louis Vinzet, Belgium, July 1972 

“Sixteen thousand miles – and worth every one travelled.”
M. Morgan, Milsoms Point, New South Wales, Australia, Nov. 1972 

“I just had to hear the Treorchy Choir before going home. What a pleasure.”
E Falconel, Argyll, Scotland, June 1973 

“A night to remember when you sang so beautifully. A wonderful choir.”
J. Harris, Derbyshire, July 1973 

“You sing like angels.”
Labetant Michel, France, July 1973 

“A long held wish, realised at last.”
R.E. Matthews, Blandford Forum, Dorset, July 1974 

“I shall always remember these few moments of beautiful music.”
Sidd Kramer, Princetown, New Jersey, USA, Aug. 1974 

“We came a long way to hear the best.”
Charles Smith, Maryland, USA, Sept. 1974 

“The warmth and intimacy of the massed voices epitomises the Welsh choristers to me.”
G Mulligan, British Columbia, Canada, Oct. 1974 

“What a great pleasure to hear this wonderful Choir.”
J. Griffiths, Gillingham, Kent, Sept. 1975 

“I am proud to be in the presence of such a wonderful choir.”
D Heycock, Reading, Berks, Oct. 1975 

“Our visit to Wales would not be complete without hearing you singing.”
Gary and Meryl Wyllie, Durban, South Africa, Nov. 1975 

“Thank you so much for this honour. It was great to be among you and fabulous to hear such a choir.”
M Leymarie, Lanovaille, France, March 1976 

“Out of the mouths of men, the voice of heaven.”
Mary Hall, Melbourne, Australia, May 1976 

“An experience which I would not have missed for anything or anybody.”
Celia Jackson, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Sept. 1976 

“Thank you for your wonderful singing of those special Welsh songs.”
D. Monique, Holland, July 1977 

“It is wonderful to be here to hear your wonderful choir in person after enjoying you for so many years on record.”
Tom Williams, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 1977 

“You sing from the heart, you are wonderful.”
Betty Schotanus, Graningen, Netherlands, May 1978 

“This is a life long dream to be here.”
Russell Belt, Sydney, Australia, July 1978 

“The greatest pleasure to hear in person a group I’ve only heard before on record.”
Keith Chalmen, Riverside, California, USA, Oct. 1978 

“There’s only one choir and you’re the greatest. Have all your records and hope to see you in Australia one day.”
Joyce Edmunds, Perth, Western Australia, July 1979 

“I came a long way to hear this rehearsal. It is absolutely beautiful.”
Margaret Swansea, Pacific Grove, California, USA, No. 1979 

“What a truly marvellous experience.”
Violet Duncan, Oxford, Sept. 1980 

“A pleasure not to be missed when holidaying in Wales.”
Denic Picot, Jersey, Channel Islands, Oct. 1980 

“Thank you for letting me attend. I very much enjoyed listening.”
David Whiteley, Sydney, Australia, Jan. 1981 

“Splendid to be where all the beauty is developed.”
Janet Read, Toronto, Canada, March 1981 

“An incredible listening experience – and absolutely delightful.”
Raymond Gibson, Kentucky, USA, July 1981 

“Three thousand miles for an encore? It was worth every inch.”
Lynn & Jim Collett, Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 1981 

“An absolutely joy to be with you.”
Terry Keating, Auckland, New Zealand, April 1982

“Thank you for such a delightful evening,”
James Kearn, Bermuda, Sept. 1982 

“This is something we will never forget.”
Lewis Kleckner, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Sept. 1982 

“An experience not to be forgotten. Tremendous.”
Irene Peters, Victoria, Australia, April 1983 

“Outstanding. It was a thrilling experience and never to be forgotten.”
Dave & Mary Fitz, San Diego, California, USA, May 1983 

“Since visiting here three years ago, we have listened to your records often. Thank you for your beautiful music. The records are wonderful but it’s not like being here.”
M. Chisholm, Des Moines, Iowa, USA, June 1983 

“We are most fortunate to hear your practice. It will be a high point of our Wales visit.”
Preston Davis, Vancouver, Canada, Sept. 1983 

“Now I know how experts become experts.”
Garfield Rees, Weymouth, April 1984 

“The best choir I have ever heard.”
Paul Webb, Dorset, April 1984 

“Real beer, now this – life’s complete.”
John Owen, New York, May 1984 

“A dream come true to hear your beautiful singing.”
Doreen Backhaus, Bower, Queensland, Australia, June 1984 

“We will never forget the experience. Your music is beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.”
Arnold Williams, New York, USA, Sept. 1984 

“Thank you for taking me into the realms of unique musical and vocal arrangements.”
Lorraine Bristowe, Wellington, New Zealand, Dec. 1984 

“I feel as if I’ve heard some of God’s angels sing.”
Carl Kasey, Kansas, USA, June 1985 

“Oh how we wish we could find tickets for your sell out concert tomorrow in St Davids!”
Anne Roda, New York, USA, July 1985 

“Very thrilling and emotional singing.”
Jean Bell, Albury, New South Wales, Australia, Sept. 1985 

“A splendid, thrilling sound.”
Fred Stohner, Ohio, USA, Oct. 1985 

“A joy to listen to you. We look forward to hearing you in Aussie!”
Colin Talbot, South Australia, Oct. 1985 

“This was magic. A great and well disciplined choir.”
Donald Pass, Blackpool, Jan. 1986 

“A real treat to attend your practice. We will never forget your visit to Kingston.”
Douglas and Helen Wells, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, April 1986 

“I came all this way just to hear you after your concert in my hometown.”
Paul O’Sullivan, Southend-on-Sun, July 1986 

“When I am homesick in France, I put your records on, but the real thing is even better.”
Myra Llewellyn, Melesse, France, July 1986 

“Wonderful to hear all our friends again.”
Chris and Dale Lade, Deep River, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 1986 

“A privilege to be associated as an Honorary Member of the Choir.”
Harold Woodey, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada, Sept. 1986 

“Treorchy, the mecca of choral music.”
Edna and Stan Waters, Quebec, Canada, Sept. 1986 

“Beautiful experience to listen to your music.”
I Hauffe, Frankfurt, Germany, Sept. 1986 

“A great feeling to sit and hear such wonderful voices singing together.”
Michael Bebb, Adelaide, Australia, Jan. 1987 

“Its wonderful for us all to hear such a marvellous sound – our fourth year to visit you.”
Betty Jen, Crawley Ridge Middle School, Camberley, Surrey, May 1987 

“It is such a privilege for us to hear you. We love your voices. Bravo! Bravo!”
Beth & John Lake, Illinois, USA, May 1987 

“Never have I been so moved. You are truly fantastic.”
Jayne Stuart, Whyalla, Australia, June 1987 

“With the Treorchy Male Voice Choir there’ll always be a welcome in the hillsides. You are just great.”
Cynthia Mitchell, Carnwath, Lanarkshire, April 1988 

“Thank you for your outstanding singing – you are excellent.”
J. Steinruck, Bonn, Germany, May 1987 

“Thank you for filling the world with your beautiful music. ‘And All Your Ways Are Peace’”. Joan and David Sang-Eldredgre, Pennsylvania, USA, May 1988 

“What a wonderful sound and what an opportunity to hear you.”
Dennis Hunt, Buffalo Choir, New York, May 1988 

“Glorious and never to be forgotten.”
W Handeleigh, Utah, USA, July 1988 

“Delighted that we’ve had this opportunity. Thank you all for an exquisite experience.”
Clive and Valene Reeves, Cape Town, South Africa, Sept. 1988 

“Happiness is the only feeling which covers you when the Choir is singing.”
Marianne Burgeto, Paris, France, Oct. 1988 

“A flood of memories. Joy and pride from a Welshman visiting from “home” in Japan.”
C.W.Nicol, Nagano, Japan, Nov. 1988 

“We’ve looked forward to this moment for a very long time. Hope to see you in the USA!”
Fran & George Wheat, Grand Island, Nebraska, July 1989 

“An excellent performance, especially that of your chorusmaster.”
Robert and Maureen Cates, Chatsworth, California, USA, July 1989 

“The only place on earth where the sounds of heaven can be heard.”
Deborah Davis-Swingle, Richmond, Indiana, USA, Oct. 1989 

Guestbook 1990-2009

“Diolch for letting us eavesdrop on a wonderful rehearsal!”
Sophie Thomas, BBC Wales, Cardiff, Jan. 1990

"Lovely to hear the Choir again. Can well remember their visit to Adelaide in 1986.”
Graham & Jane Richard, Hope Valley, South Australia, April 1990

"It’s marvellous! It’s wonderful! In person at last!”
Charles Rogerson, Gloucester, Ontario, Canada, June 1990

"Well worth the wait since your Adelaide trip. We planned our holiday around tonight and it was a real highlight for us.”
Lyn & Bob Stunell, West Croydon, South Australia, June 1990

"I found it very interesting to see the Choir practice and we were deeply impressed by the sound reaching our ears.”
Bernard Wunnerm, Heimnyen, Germany, July 1990

"What a wonderful experience. I have enjoyed this immensely.”
Mai Kelton, Northpost, Alabama, USA, Sept. 1990

"It’s a privilege to sing with the Choir.”
Sir Harry Secombe, St James Place, London, Jan. 1991

"Coming back to my home from home.”
Ronnie Cass, Elseworthy Road, London, Jan. 1991

"An inspiration. I’ve been hoping to come to listen to you for many years and today has therefore been a dream come true. What a lovely welcome.”
Nigel Leary, Pontefract,West Yorkshire, July 1991

"Magic night! Makes you want to be Welsh!”
Rowena Plaint, Brisbane, Australia, Sept. 1991

Brian Blessed, Bagshot, Surrey, Feb. 1992

"Many thanks for all your hard work and tremendous welcome.”
Owain Arwel Hughes, Harrow, July 1992

"Self-discipline and dedication obvious. A great sound. Please emigrate to New Zealand.”
Gordon & Mavis Harris, Auckland, New Zealand, July 1992

"Thank you. I will always remember the wonderful music.”
Sandy Penic, Porterville, California, USA, July 1992

"Thank you for your music, your hospitality, your warmth. It is an honour to meet you.”
Brent and Sharon Hill, Springville, California, USA, Sept. 1992

"It is a privilege to listen to the superb voices in the flesh.”
John Cox, Constantia, Cape Town, May 1993

"Well worth travelling all day in the rain to listen to this beautiful singing.”
Louise Sloan, Boggabilla, New South Wales, Australia, Sept. 1993

"The Choir is just beautiful.”
Elizabeth Larsen, Falster, Denmark, Sept. 1993

"Truly memorable. We’ll think of this occasion every time we play our CD.”
John & Anne Dillon, Upper Lansdowne, New South Wales, Australia, July 1994

"We’ve had a fascinating insight into what makes the magical Treorchy Sound.”
Rosemary Broadhurst, Grimsby, South Humberside, Sept. 1994

"Returning home to my birthplace and your singing always fills me with a longing for the hills of Wales."
Ann Jackson, Zimbabwe, March 1995

"Not enough superlatives to describe TMC! Heaven on earth!”
Harry Errington, Carlisle, April 1996

"Your singing truly lifts the heart.”
Arthur and Lois Greenwood, Narraweena, New South Wales, Australia, May 1996

"This is a favourite keepsake memory of a lifetime. You’re wonderful.”
Anne Frobicter, Houston, Texas, USA, June 1996

"After listening to your records, what a moving experience to hear you in person. Proud to be Welsh”
Lisa Evans Hopkins, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvannia, USA, July 1996

"I’ve watched the Treorchy Choir on TV and loved it. What a wonderful experience to actually be here.”
Melanie Kucea, Pocatollo, Idaho, USA, July 1997

"All the angels are not in heaven. Beautiful harmony.”
P. Saunders, Nelson, New Zealand, Sept. 1997

"An unforgettable experience and a privilege to hear you. Thanks, also, for such a warm welcome in the valleys. Your singing is so musical and very moving.”
John & Carol Wippell, Salisbury, Oct. 1997

"This is a dream come true for me. I’ve been listening since 1950!”
Mary Wilkins, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, Nov. 1997

"What word can I use to express ‘higher than perfection.’”
Patricia Stephens, Stevensville, Ontario, Canada, July 1998

"Top class! Second only to Tom Jones!”
Paul Barrett, Dublin, Ireland, Sept. 1998

"Thanks for having us. You are fantastic. Please come and visit us.”
Jessie & Noni Bright, Johannesburg, South Africa, Oct. 1998

"How wonderful to be here and hear in person the world-renowned Choir.”
Margaret & Ken Thomas, Alberta, Canada, May 1999

"You have been our favourites for so many years. Great to see you in such close proximity.”
Patrick & Kathy Vitle, Victoria, Australia, April 2000

"What an honour! Hard to hold back the tears as it stirs the heart so.”
Jeff & Linda Parry, Marietta, Georgia, USA, May 2000

"What a thrill to hear this famous Choir rehearse. What a great experience.”
Ross & Judy Metcalf, Hampton, Ontario, Canada, May 2000

"Went to your show in Adelaide and you were fantastic then. You’re still fantastic now! Wonderful to hear the Choir.”
Tyrone & Carol Parry, Adelaide, South Australia, July 2000

"Never have I heard anything sung so beautifully. Definitely the heart, spirit and soul of the Rhondda Valley.”
Bob Crawford, East Delhousie, Canada, Sept. 2000

"A dream come true. Absolutely wonderful.”
Ruth Adams, Townsville, Queensland, Australia, May 2001

"Kam-s-ham-ni-da – Thank you!”
Myung Sik Park, Seoul, Korea, July 2001

"I first heard you in 1946 and its just the same – marvellous!”
Caroline Leigh, London, Sept. 2001

"The wonderful Treorchy sound still thrills!”
Prof. Gareth Williams, University of Glamorgan, Sept. 2001

"When I play your recordings I will be transported back to this room and this wonderful, uplifting experience. Diolch yn fawr!”
Donna Boyce, Columbus, Ohio, USA, July 2002

"A long awaited dream fulfilled. Some spine-tingling moments.”
Ine Worn, Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand, July 2002

"Thank you for all the wonderful music your singing brings to my heart.”
Diana Aldrich, Sunnyvale, California, USA, June 2003

"Very moving music. Coming from abroad, this is a really good sample of Welsh life and love for music.”
Sara Herrern, Montevideo, Uruguay, Sept. 2004

"Once in a lifetime experience. Thank you so much.”
Susan Spano, Paris, France, Nov. 2004

"It was really super. Fantastic to listen to the music. We really love this very much and thank you so much for the welcome.”
Rupesh Shresther, Nepal, Jan. 2005

"Thank you so much for your welcome. It’s so wonderful. God will always be with you.”
Favie Marie Ange, Madagascar, April 2005

"We are privileged to be here. A wonderful welcome. Joyous music. Thank you. We saw you in Melbourne last year and have very fond memories of a wonderful night.”
Rhonda & Duncan Hopkins, East Kew, Victoria, Australia, July 2005

"A landmark evening in the life of this famous Welsh institution”
Craig Roberts, Conductor, Parc & Dare Band, Nov. 2005

"Thank you for letting us listen. It brings back so many memories. An awesome group!”
Clayton & Rose Twigg, Westlake, Ohio, USA, Jan. 2006

"What a sound and experience. Thank you so much. You are terrific!”
Betty Hohwielen, Yardley, Pennsylvania, USA, April 2006

"It is indeed a pleasure to listen to THE best choir.”
Clive Thomas, High Sheriff of Glamorgan, July 2006

"Your voices lift one into the realms of the heavenly. May you keep on singing. Thank you so much. I loved every note.”
Elizabeth Crane, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Jan 2007

"What a wonderful sound. The volume was so very heart stirring. Fantastic.”
Colin Price, Christchurch, Dorset, June 2007

"Best wishes from all in the Morriston Orpheus. Wonderful experience!”
Keith Roberts, Gowerton, Swansea, June 2008

"Choir directors sound the same in any country or language – very strict! But she makes you sing your very best!”
Susan Price, Chicago, Illinois, Sept. 2008

"What a wonderful experience. An honour to be in the company of suck fine men."
Ann Gibbs, Sherlock, Cornwall, Oct. 2008

"Thank you for this moment. A beautiful emotion in my memory for a very long time."
F. Juste, Paris, France, April 2009

"A wonderful, magical shower of sound!"
Andrew Scott, Mountain Ash, May 2009

"I so love the Welsh choirs and this one is THE BEST!"
Patricia Berretto, Chesterfield, July 2009

Guestbook 2010 - Present  

"A very inspiring experience! Have enjoyed enormously, also appreciated the hospitality and warmth. Nothing better than music to unite mankind."
Antoine Quero, Brussels, Belgium, April 2010

"Very privileged to come to the Rhondda Valley to hear you. It became a priority on our visit to Wales after hearing your performance in New South Wales."
David & Heidi Clark, Mangerton, NSW, Australia, June 2010

"Beautiful singing! We have travelled miles to listen to you. So moving to hear this Choir."
Patricia Berretta, Chesterfield, July 2010

"Absolutely wonderful concert in Auckland last year. Thrilled to be able to attend practice. You're the best"
Moya Monks, Auckland, New Zealand, September 2010

"Brought back many childhood memories. So much emotion in the voices."
Richard and Sheila Harper, Cwmbach, October 2010

"To hear the Choir - the hiraeth! What a wonderful experience".
Liz Rieneik & Howard Rowlands, Victoria, Australia, October 2010

"Thank you for this musical evening. It was a wonderful experience."
Amelia Murst, Stuttgart, Germany, December 2010

"What a peivilege to be invited to a Choir practice. I consider it an honour."
Keith Rowlands, Wrexham. March 2011

"A dream come true, hearing the Treorchy Choir in Wales! Great memories!"
Peter and Jill Lane, Kingston Park, Adelaide, Australia, May 2011

"Very interesting to hear the various voices and especially the use of solfa. Thank you!
Val Owen, Penderyn W.I., May 2012

"Wonderful sound and excitement. My grandfather, Dan Roderick also sang in the Choir. Awesome!"
Bob and Rosanan Westley, Pheonix, Arizona, USA, June 2011

"Thanks for the great music and the welcome. There is nothing like a male voice choir!"
Frances and Toshiya Namba, Osaka, Japan, September 2011

"What a wonderful sound. Truly a wonderful Choir."
Les and Eluned Robling, Ontario, Canada, November 2011

"I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Your beautiful Choir moved me so much. I look forward to following you on your next trip to Oz!"
Colin and Jannine Price, Christchurch, Dorset, May 2012

"What an insprijg evening, especially great to see was the sheer joy of singing shown by the men. A fabulous conductor after my own heart!"
Wendy and Steve Leatham, Jambaroo, NSW, Australia, June 2012

“Nothing has changed – you're still a great Choir!”
Don Noblet, Payneham, South Australia, July 2012

“A privilege to be here to hear these beautiful voices. Thank you for such an inspirational night!”
Pauline Booth, Felixstow, South Australia, July 2012

“A moment in life I will never forget.”
Warren Durdin, Balaklaua, South Australia, July 2012

“Beautiful, powerful music. What a privilege and joy to be here.”
Peter Sullivan, Rostrevor, South Australia, July 2012

“Magic in your singing – touched my heart so deeply. The crowning moment in Wales for me.”
Lorraine LeBlanc, New Orleans, USA, July 2012

“Absolutely magnificent! Divine! What a warm welcome!”
Brigitte & Charles Wiart, Lille, France, September 2012

“Having heard your Choir in Adelaide and Whyalla, we are thrilled to be able to attend your rehearsal. This is an absolute highlight for our UK trip.”
Brian & Sue Mills, Port Lincoln, South Australia, September 2012

“Was honoured and humbled to gear God's gift to such men. Just amazing.”
James Destine, Pennsylvania, USA, April 2013

“Diolch o galon am ganu. Thank you so much for being the best and sharing all of your voices with the world. Much love always!”
Cerys Matthews, June 2013

“What an absolute honour to hear you sing. I'm truly transported to higher ground hearing the gorgeous blend of voice. I'll take this day home in my heart.”
Dean & Carolyn Chansee, Arizona, USA, September 2013

“Magical. So much hard work involved. What beautiful sounds from such normal looking guys!”
Peter Dawson, Perth, Western Australia, June 2014

“Thank you for the privilege of hearing your rehearsal”.
Lucas de Vong, Melbourne Welsh Male Choir, Australia, July 2014

"Your beautiful tone and amazing blend are an inspiration!"

Jill Denny, Mountain View, July 2015

"What a beautiful experience. An amazing sound!"
Jill McGrath, Montreal, Canada, September 2015

"What an incredible sound. Its amazing just sitting and listening"
Anne Welding, Perth, Australia, September 2015

"I've got to hear the Treorchy Male Choir live at last! Wonderful!"
Bill Richards, Ontario Welsh Choir, Canada, October 2016

"Wonderful sound! Powerful, subtle, delicate. Fab!"

Colleen McDonald, Wentworth Falls, Australia", March 2017

"It's an honour for me to be in the rehearsal, and listen to your voices. Tradition, music and from the heart."
Ann Longbridge, Tampa, Florida, October 2017

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What Are They?: Text
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