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1946 - 1968

“Their superb renderings of recently composed and other music showed this new Treorchy & District Male Voice Choir to be fully capable of carrying on the great tradition of the past.” St Peter’s Church, Pentre, 1947

“In team work as a choir they are truly outstanding. The smoothness and refinement of their rendering was remarkable.”
Salem Chapel, Cwmparc, 1948

“The greatest knockout of the finals of the NCB Boxing Championship in Wembley was scored by the Treorchy Choir. This choral unit impressed so much that they literally had the ten thousand people on their feet.”
Wembley Pool, London, 1949

“The Choir gave a first-rate performance and at times the disciplined tenors and basses combined to create a phalanx of sound that was not only beautiful but positively thrilling.”
Park & Dare Hall, Treorchy, 1949

“The huge audience of 1,300 proved to be one of the most appreciative and enthusiastic the Choir has sung to were treated to a feast of good music and gave the Choir a great ovation.”
Tabernacle Chapel, Morriston, 1951

“The concert was an outstanding success. To hear the choir was a thrilling experience. The traditional hwyl was ever present and all felt the overpowering sense of hiraeth.”
Birmingham Town Hall, 1951

“The Choir excelled in all it set out to do. This Choir of a hundred voices is a structure built on the foundation of a rich sonorous bass.”
Bethania Chapel, Dowlais, 1951

“The Choir thrilled to the very soul by the majesty of the voices, the drama and a melodrama.”
Polikoff’s Canteen, Treorchy, 1952

“For nearly three hours the audience of over 3,000 was held spellbound by a varied programme of traditional and modern Welsh works.”
Festival Hall, London, 1953

“Nothing finer or more thrilling in the way of choral singing has been heard in this wonderful new home of music than the Choir’s rendering of the 23rd Psalm.”
Festival Hall, London, 1953

“The outstanding feature of their performance was the happy blend of absolute precision and infinite musical pliability. Much could be written about their magnificent performance, but it will be suffice to say that each of their items received rapturous applause from the 4,000 capacity audience.”
Festival Hall, London, 1953

“Magnificent singing by the Choir excited a crowded audience at the Market Hall. The tonal quality and diction of Treorchy revealed that in John Haydn Davies they have an artiste.”
Market Hall, Brecon, 1954

“Treorchy Male Choir of 110 beautifully blended voices charmed the huge audience. Rarely can this Choir, even in the victorious appearance at the National this year be heard to better advantage. This was choral singing at its best.”
Kings Hall, Aberystwyth, 1956

“This magnificent Choir was in excellent voice and thrilled a large audience with a varied programme, the like of which has never been excelled in living memory in the Rhondda.”
Horeb Chapel, Treorchy, 1956

“Treorchy Male Choir is one of the best in Britain and has achieved a stature of an institution in Wales.”
Pontypridd Town Hall, 1957

“They sang Cherubini’s Requiem with a restraint and respect for its technical difficulties which commended one’s admiration. John Haydn Davies ruled his eighty singers with a rod of iron. The piano singing was wonderfully effective and the first tenors in their upper register achieved a purity rarely met with.”
Zoar Chapel, Merthyr Tydfil, 1958

“Grouped under Epstien’s Majestas, this finely disciplined choir ranged through the alphabet of tonal experience with exaltations and piety. What the choir could do in the higher reaches they could do in the lower and in these reflective passages their singing had a gentleness and refinement which would not have awakened a sleeping child.”
Llandaff Cathedral, 1958

“The Choir rendered all their items with their customary excellent voices, expressive of the varying demands of mood and colour.”
Ebenezer Chapel, Aberkenfig, 1959

“The Choir came to Ross with a first-class reputation, and their finely balanced singing quickly made it apparent the reason for their many successes.”
Baptist Church, Ross-on-Wye, 1959

“To many who have only heard of Welsh singing by repute the accomplishments of this crack Welsh Choir must have been a revelation. Moving with consummate ease through the entire range of dynamic expression, they respond with splendid unanimity to their conductor's demands and produce a beautifully vivid tone.”
St Matthews, Ipswich, 1960

“These eighty voices are selected voices, precision-timed, exquisitely balanced and geared to the niceties of the most exacting music.”
Zoar Chapel, Merthyr Tydfil, 1961

“From the very outset a spell seemed to descend on the audience. These magnificent singers have voices as flexible as musical instruments and can weave magic at the lift of the conductor’s baton whether dropping almost to a whisper or rising to a stirring crescendo, the voices have a rare quality and absolute clarity.”
Kodak Hall, Harrow, 1963

“Those who heard this famous choir for the first time were able to appreciate the reason for their remarkable success. The men of Treorchy sing with equal zest and sincerity whether it be in competition or in a charity concert. They lived up to their remarkably high standard.”
South Shore Theatre, Tenby, 1963

“Treorchy Male Choir have taken their music into all corners of the world and their name is synonymous with Welsh music at its ultimate best.”
English Congregational Church, Porth, 1964

“After each spot in the programme the Choir had to give an encore and the evening reached a climax when a standing ovation lasted for several minutes.”
Central Hall, Coventry, 1964

“Every single item was in its own inimitable way an outstanding musical achievement. The choristers responded to their Conductor with precision.”
Elliott Pavilion, Borehamwood, 1964

“The secret of this great Choir’s success is an intense discipline and the conductor’s extremely acute sense of control, tone, blend and dynamics. John Haydn Davies is a conductor who is obviously an inspiration to his singers.”

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Blenheim Palace, 1980.jpg

1970 - 1989

“The Choir thrilled the audience and more. It is clearly not possible to express the words – such a splendid experience.”
St Andrew’s Church, Chippenham, 1971

“The tonal quality throughout and range of vocal parts was superb. The blend and balance being maintained throughout the enormous range of dynamic levels which were achieved with little apparent effort.”
City Hall, Cardiff, 1971

“One expects the best from Treorchy Male Choir and the audience was not disappointed."Park & Dare, Treorchy, 1973

“They excelled themselves throughout the evening with fine tone and clear diction, pulling off a first class concert.”
Municipal Hall, Burnley, 1973

“In everything they did there was a touch of class. The sheer volume of sound they could produce was wonderful.”
Assembly Rooms, Bath, 1974

“They have a sound that is unique, probably because of the strength of their tenor section which gives them clarity and brilliance – a sound rarely heard from a Choir.”
Princess Theatre, Clacton, 1974

“The Choir was in excellent form and thrilled the audience throughout.”
St Andrew’s Church, Chippenham, 1974

“The Choir maintained their musical high standard and sang with complete liaison between the conductor, choir and accompanist. The concert was perfect.”
The Pavilion, Porthcawl, 1975

“Treorchy is famous the world over and there is nothing like them. Who else can produce this rich, glorious sound with such passion, gentleness, happiness and tragedy?”
Princess Theatre, Clacton, 1977

“The Choir as expected, gave another excellent performance. John Cynan Jones succeeded completely in his fluent control over the eighty voices."
Rhondda Sports Centre, 1977

”To perform such a variety to the standard that this concert achieved demonstrated the superb versatility of the choir.”
Albert Hall, Nottingham, 1978

“The 100-strong choir captivated the appreciative capacity audience with their quality of singing and showed just why over the years they have reigned supreme.”
Priory Place Church, Doncaster, 1979

"It is not a surprise to find that the reputation of these celebrated ambassadors of Wales have gone before them. With unwavering discipline and precision more than eighty voices responded to John Cynan Jones as if a single instrument, their mood subtle and powerful, sensitive and exultant. Their grasp of each piece falteringly assured.”
Cheltenham Town Hall, 1983

“What impressed most was their precision and disciplined soche voce singing so controlled and responsive to the slightest finger movement of the conductor.”
Moriah Chapel, Llanelli, 1983

“The Choir gave a faultless performance with very disciplined singing.”
Marine Centre, Great Yarmouth, 1984

“They took us through moods that were by turn exultant and poignant, cheerful and reflective, nostalgic and reverent. Throughout all these varied pieces the choir impressed by the discipline, precision and musical sensitivity.”
Arts Centre, Evesham, 1985

“The Choir once again gave one of their impeccable performances and the superbly trained and disciplined voices showed why they are regarded as one of the finest of all the Welsh musical ensembles.”
Maesteg Town Hall, 1985

“Treorchy is the embodiment of everything that is admirable in Wales, capturing in their massed tones all of the beauty of their valleys and the proud tradition of their cultural heritage.”
Cheltenham Town Hall, 1986

"It is no wonder that Treorchy enjoys such an enviable reputation as one of the world's greatest choirs. Their performance at the Fairfield Hall displayed absolute discipline, perfect intonation and a blend and harmony unlike anything I have heard in choral terms. They are quite simply a first class entity."
Fairfield Hall, Croydon, 1987

"My first experience of hearing 'The Treorchy' was one I am unlikely to ever forget. This is a Choir without equal and their performance will live with me forever."
Warwick University, 1989

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Cardiff International Arena, 2008.jpg

1990 - 2009

"With superb harmonies that blended of high tenor voices, for which this choir is highly renowned.”
Cheltenham Town Hall, 1992

"There was the distinctive tone, the musical control and the warmth of seeing and hearing something that is so well loved.”
St David’s Hall, Cardiff, 1993

"It has been said that the Treorchy Male Choir is the finest of all Welsh choirs.”
St Augustine’s Church, Penarth, 1993

"The colossal Treorchy Male Choir produce an astonishing quality of sound which remains consistently good – from careful, hushed tones to all out full blast aural assault – and the repertoire is as wide as the vocal range.”
Haberdasher School, Monmouth, 1993

"The visit by the Choir was an emotional occasional. The singing as usual was superb. This is a disciplined choir, with exact timing, crisp diction, warm commitment and a beguiling sweetness and purity of tone which lifts the heart.”
Cheltenham Town Hall, 1994

"The tenors, their faces lifted to the spotlight, begin and then, like the surging of the sea and as expressionless, the bass section joins in, they can move you to tears or want to make you march to a drum. But what voices. With the choir full out they can shake a concert hall like a jet waiting for take off. What you are seeing is a way of life.”
Royal Lemington Spa, 1996

"The professionalism of Treorchy is total. Each song is delivered with flawless technique and delightful melody, but never over-familiarity, although it may have been performed dozens of time before.”
St David’s Hall, Cardiff, 1997

"Superlatives there may well be in appreciating the Choir's quality, but there aren’t simply enough to quantify its prowess, however I endeavour to embrace a few – exhilarating, exciting, enthralling and emotional for during their entire performance they kept the audience spellbound and riveted to their seats.”
St David’s Hall, Cardiff, 1997

"Wales’s premier choir thrilled the audience and gave an unforgettable performance.”
Town Hall, Stockport, 1997

"Well executed and fine examples of quality singing from the top tenors.”
Halifax Town Hall, 1997

"From great crescendos to the barely discernible murmur, the Choir captivated and enthralled. They cannot be described except in superlatives.”
Park & Dare Theatre, Treorchy 1997

"As the first sound of the valleys swept over a spellbound audience and drenched everyone in the purest of male harmony we knew the evening was going to be memorable.”
Dudley Town Hall, 1998

"To describe the Choir’s performance adequately would result in an ensuing dearth of superlatives – they demonstrated very positively the reasons why they are at the very top of the tree in male choir terms. Controlled power, excellent muted sequences and a very fine tone running through the whole rendition.”
All Hallows College, Lyme Regis, 1998

"From the very first note they had the audience eating out of their hands.”
Park & Dare Theatre, 1998

"Nothing prepared me for the silky richness of tone which the Choir creates. It was breathtaking.”
Temple Church, Cardiff, 2000

"The men from Treorchy are renowned as one of the greatest success stories in the cultural history of Wales and they enhanced this impressive reputation with the stylish and cool manner in which they left the audience transfixed.”
Forum Theatre, Malvern, 2003

"The mixed programme reflected the choir’s willingness to embrace different musical styles.”
Wales Millennium Centre, 2006

"The world-famous Treorchy Male Choir gave a world class performance before a sell-out audience."
Axminster Guildhall, 2008

"Treorchy - arguably Wales' oldest "boy band" stunned its audience. The choristers' singing is of the highest quality. The Choir simply relies on the stirring power of its voices to squeeze every deep emotion from the songs and the result is a hair-raisingly spectacular. They are not only great singers, but also great ambassadors of Wales."
Adelaide Festival Theatre, Australia, 2009

"The slick performance of hymns, Abba numbers, operatic excerpts and pop ballads. One thing is for sure, the boy band know how to sing. They are record-holding eisteddfod winners with a technique like a well-oiled machine: perfect diction, precise phrase endings and the ability to move from a whisper to a roar with organ-like immediacy."
Perth Concert Hall, Australia, 2009

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Hotel de Paris 2013.jpg

2010 - Present

"I don't think I will ever forget the Treorchy boys walking on stage at the very beginning and bursting into song so passionately with Bryn Calfaria and ending this group of four Welsh songs with Gwahoddiad. I was in my seventh heaven. The brilliant conductor Janice Ball and her accompanist Helen Roberts impressed me with the way they encouraged the choir to create such controlled “hwyl”. Spellbinding."
The Anvil, Basingstoke 2011

"They have brought joy to many audiences from many backgrounds with their enthralling harmonies, stunning showcase songs, operatic renditions, classical interpretations and the alluring traditional music of their homeland. An iconic symbol of the mining communities of the valleys of South Wales Once you've experienced the Treorchy Male Choir you can't help but want to hear more Independent Catholic News, 2011

"Treorchy Male Choir is a pioneer in the Welsh choral tradition."
Western Mail, 2011

"The first recording of new music in ten years from this celebrated male choir is an interesting blend of classical and contemporary songs, all beautifully arranged and topped off with the choir's remarkable harmonies."
Daily Express, 2011

"Simply this album is brilliant and should be winning classical awards by the truck load."
Plugged In, 2011

"A wonderful evening and best summed up by Tchaikovsky, clearly prophetic when he said "truly it would be reason to go mad, were it not for music", and just maybe he has the Treorchy Male Choir in mind?"
Cheltenham Town Hall, 2012

"The strength in depth of the Choir is obvious for all to see and hear. It has been an absolute privilege to have heard them." Leamington Spa, 2013

"It flowed like a river in full flood. Dramatic, inspiring and surprising". Llanelli 2015

"Treorchy has an incredibly sensitive approach to their music and with such stunning arrangements they are able to beautifully bring out the pathos in any song." Shrewsbury 2015

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